Redefining the Electroanatomy of the Cardiac Conduction System

Decades of meticulous study by anatomists, embryologists, and physiologists have provided the framework for understanding the cardiac conduction system and its role in establishing normal ventricular activation. 1-6 It is this background that enabled the field of interventional cardiac electrophysiology to evolve in becoming a highly impactful field eliminating previously only controllable arrhythmias like accessory pathway-related tachycardias and typical atrial flutter.7 Recent advances in electrophysiology testing whether ventricular fibrillation represents an ablatable arrhythmia as well as stimulatory cardiac devices specifically targeting the conduction system (conduction system pacing) have in turn challenged anatomists to redefine the fundamental constructs in our understanding of the infra-Hisian conduction system.
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Authors: Mouton CP, Haas A, Karmarkar A, Kuo YF, Ottenbacher K Abstract Elder abuse and mistreatment (EM) continues to be a growing problem as the US population ages. Despite the growth, detection of EM continues to lag. However, Medicare claims data and the electronic health record might provide an opportunity to encourage better detection. We evaluated Medicare claims data from 2012-2014 for beneficiaries who had a diagnostic code for EM discharged from any types of facility. We extracted records for 10,181 individuals examining demographic characteristics, residential characteristics, residential location, type ...
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Condition:   Ventricular Tachycardia Intervention:   Drug: Dantrolene Sponsor:   Vanderbilt University Medical Center Recruiting
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In conclusion, electrical and structural remodeling arising from the PITX2c p.Met207Val mutation may increase atrial susceptibility to arrhythmia due to shortened APD, reduced CV and increased tissue vulnerability, which, in combination, facilitate initiation and maintenance of re-entrant excitation waves.
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DiscussionGiven the multiorgan system potential adverse side effects of prednisone, proving noninferiority of an alternate regimen would be sufficient to make the alternative compare favorably to standard dose steroids. This is the first ever clinical trial in cardiac sarcoidosis and thus in addition to the listed goals of the trial, we will also establish a multi-center, multinational cardiac sarcoidosis clinical trials network. Such a collaborative infrastructure will enable a new era of high quality data to guide physicians when treating cardiac sarcoidosis patients.
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Because of previous ventricular arrhythmia (VA) episodes, patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) for secondary prevention (SP) are generally considered to have a higher burden of VAs than p...
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AbstractThere are significant differences in clinical presentation and treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) between women and men. The primary goal of AF management is to restore sinus rhythm and to prevent various complications, including stroke and heart failure. In many areas of AF, such as prevalence, clinical manifestations, morbidity, risk factors, pathophysiology, treatment strategies, and complications, gender-specific variability is observed and needs to be further addressed by large-scale population researches or randomized clinical trials, which help to promote the customization of AF treatment programs, hence ...
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Authors: Zeng L, Zhang Z, Wang X, Tu S, Ye F Abstract BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the correlations of circadian rhythm disorder of blood pressure with arrhythmia and target organ damage in hypertensive patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 198 patients admitted and treated in our hospital from May 2018 to April 2019 were selected to receive 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. The nighttime blood pressure decrease rate is 0-10% in people with normal circadian rhythm of blood pressure. In the present study, we divided patients into a normal circadian rhythm group (normal circadian r...
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Authors: Mayr F, Vieider C, Temml V, Stuppner H, Schuster D Abstract Interference with the hERG potassium ion channel may cause cardiac arrhythmia and can even lead to death. Over the last few decades, several drugs, already on the market, and many more investigational drugs in various development stages, have had to be discontinued because of their hERG-associated toxicity. To recognize potential hERG activity in the early stages of drug development, a wide array of computational tools, based on different principles, such as 3D QSAR, 2D and 3D similarity, and machine learning, have been developed and are reviewed ...
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Publication date: Available online 7 October 2019Source: Pathology - Research and PracticeAuthor(s): Dominik Gross, Christina LaursAbstractThe Jewish pathologist Carl Julius Rothberger (1871–1945) is undoubtedly one of the most important representatives of his field. His studies on atrial fibrillation, the bundle branch block and arrhythmia perpetua in particular secured him a place in medical history. Rothberger also gave the name to an agar used to prove the neutral red reduction of salmonella (Rothberger-Scheffler agar).While Rothberger’s name is well known in pathology, his biography and his experiences of ...
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ConclusionsThese findings provided strong evidences that TGD intervention ameliorated interstitial fibrosis, myocyte hypertrophy and gap junction expression in the IBZ, attenuated left ventricular remodeling and dysfunction, and reduced vulnerability to tachyarrhythmia. TGD inhibited IBZ remodeling by its inhibition effect on myofibroblasts differentiation.
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