Balanced role of T3SS and T6SS in contribution to the full virulence of Edwardsiella piscicida

In this study, we first examined the roles of T3SS and T6SS in different processes during E. piscicida infection of host cells, and revealed that T3SS of E. piscicida is responsible for promoting bacterial invasion, the following intracellular replication and inducing cell death in host cells, while T6SS restrains E. piscicida intracellular replication and cell death in J774A.1 cells, which suggested that T3SS and T6SS antagonistically concert E. piscicida infection. Furthermore, we found an significant decrease in transcription level of IL-1β in zebrafish kidney infected with T3SS mutant and an drastically increase in transcription level of TNF- α infected with T6SS mutant when compared with the wild-type. Interestingly, both T3SS and T6SS mutants showed significant attenuated virulence in the zebrafish infection model when compared with the wild-type. Finally, considering the cooperative role of T3SS and T6SS, we generated a mutant strain WEDΔT6SS based on the existing live attenuated vaccine (LAV) WED which showed improved vaccine safety and comparable immune protection. Therefore, WEDΔT6SS could be used as an optimized LAV in the future. Taken together, this work suggested a bilateral role of T3SS and T6SS which respectively act as spear and shield during E. piscicida infection, together contribute to E. piscicida virulence.
Source: Fish and Shellfish Immunology - Category: Biology Source Type: research

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Conclusions: Despite public health efforts, a small number of healthcare workers were inadequately protected, and antibody titers were lower than required to maintain herd immunity. For effective prevention of nosocomial infection, VZV IgG status should be documented for all HCWs, and susceptible HCWs should be vaccinated to avoid outbreaks. Pre-employment screening and vaccination have increased immunity and need to be conducted to ensure protection of vulnerable patients.
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CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that most persons who inject drugs in Wisconsin are susceptible to HAV infection and that most persons aged ≥35 who inject drugs are susceptible to HBV infection. In addition to routine vaccination of children, targeted hepatitis vaccination programs should focus on adults who inject drugs to help prevent future infections. PMID: 31539482 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Public Health Reports - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Public Health Rep Source Type: research
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