Scientists confirm transmission of influenza A H7N9 from birds to people

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China reported a new H5N6 bird flu outbreak in the southwestern province of Yunnan, the agriculture ministry said on Friday.
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Hero ínas de la vida real: Adamari López aprendió a escuchar a su cuerpo ... Está en camino a la recuperación después de una peligrosa influenza que casi le roba la vida. ... por: Jennifer García Ca...
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This study aims to describe the spatial and temporal characteristics of human infections with H7N9 virus in China using data from 19 February 2013 to 30 September 2017 extracted from Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health (CHP) and electronic databases managed by China’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) and provincial CDCs synthetically using the Geographic Information System (GIS) software ArcMap™ 10.2 and SaTScan. Based on the multiple analyses of the A(H7N9) epidemics, there was a strong seasonal pattern in A(H7N9) virus infection, with high activity in the first quarter of the year...
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AbstractThe synaptonemal complex is an evolutionarily conserved, supramolecular structure that holds the homologous chromosomes together during the pachytene stage of the first meiotic prophase. Among vertebrates, synaptonemal complex dynamics has been analyzed in mouse spermatocytes following the assembly of its components from leptotene to pachytene stages. With few exceptions, a detailed study of the disassembly of SCs and the behavior of SC components at recombination sites at the onset of diplotene has not been accomplished. Here, we describe for the first time the progressive disassembly of the SC in chicken oocytes ...
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(Reuters Health) - When influenza-like illnesses spread in the community, death rates go up for patients on dialysis, a new study shows.
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Condition:   Influenza Interventions:   Biological: Grippol® Quadri;   Biological: Grippol® Plus, trivalent (Yamagata lineage);   Biological: Grippol® Plus, trivalent (Victoria lineage) Sponsor:   NPO Petrovax Completed
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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the federal government might someday regulate vaccine policies if “lax” state vaccine laws “force [its] hand” by allowing the resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles to continue. Vaccine laws are currently decided at the state level. While all 50 states require certain vaccines for students, all but three — California, Mississippi and West Virginia — allow non-medical exemptions for people who have either religious or philosophical beliefs contrary to vaccination. But with preventable diseases like me...
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In conclusion, as a first report, vitamin E with Fetomune Plus® supplementation for four weeks could improve the immunological and pathological effects of H9N2 infection on chickens.
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AbstractExtraintestinal pathogenicE.coli (ExPEC) are facultative pathogens that are part of the normal human intestinal flora. The ExPEC group includes uropathogenicE. coli (UPEC), neonatal meningitisE. coli (NMEC), sepsis-associatedE. coli (SEPEC), and avian pathogenicE. coli (APEC). Virulence factors (VF) related to the pathogenicity of ExPEC are numerous and have a wide range of activities, from those related to bacteria colonization to those related to virulence, including adhesins, toxins, iron acquisition factors, lipopolysaccharides, polysaccharide capsules, and invasins, which are usually encoded on pathogenicity i...
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In conclusion, the identification and surveillance of influenza virus types and subtypes circulating in populations have importance both for epidemiological data and selection of vaccine strains. PMID: 25492660 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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