Self-assembly of Lipase Hybrid Nanoflowers with Bifunctional Ca2+ for Improved Activity and Stability

Publication date: Available online 17 August 2019Source: Enzyme and Microbial TechnologyAuthor(s): Yue Zhang, Wenhui Sun, Nora Mohamed Elfeky, Yuepeng Wang, Dongying Zhao, Hao Zhou, Jingyun Wang, Yongming BaoAbstractLipase ZC12, a cold-adapted lipase derived from Psychrobacter sp. ZY124, can be effectively activated by Ca2+. Inspired by this significant property, we developed a novel immobilized lipase ZC12/Ca3(PO4)2 hybrid nanoflowers (LHNs). The LHNs have been characterized as a regular hierarchical flowerlike structure nanoflowers by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Compared with free lipase ZC12, the LHNs exerted enhanced enzymatic activity of 206% and 2.31-fold in kcat/Km value, especially high specific activity at low temperature. After 7 successive cycles, the LHNs could still maintain its initial activity, demonstrating superior durability than the free lipase ZC12. Meanwhile, its stability basically kept unchanged in a wide range of temperature and pH. Finally, fructose laurate was transformed by the LHNs with 57.39% conversion rate which is twice as much as the free lipase. To sum up, these results validated that LHNs could emerge as an efficient immobilized lipase and possess the promising potential for practical applications.Graphical abstract
Source: Enzyme and Microbial Technology - Category: Biotechnology Source Type: research

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Publication date: October 2019Source: Canadian Journal of Diabetes, Volume 43, Issue 7, SupplementAuthor(s): Gail Macneill, Sabrina Agostini, Victoria Antoniu
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Publication date: October 2019Source: Canadian Journal of Diabetes, Volume 43, Issue 7, SupplementAuthor(s): David Campbell, Rachel Campbell, Gillian L. Booth, Stephen Hwang, Kerry Mcbrien
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Publication date: 30 October 2019Source: International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 570Author(s): Hui Shi, Yuan Wang, Zhishu Bao, Deqing Lin, Hui Liu, Ailing Yu, Lei Lei, Xingyi Li, Xu XuAbstractIn the present study, we developed and evaluated an in situ gelling system based on hexanoyl glycol chitosan (H-GCS) for enhanced ocular bioavailability. An aqueous solution of H-GCS exhibited a typical sol-gel transition at 32 °C. The formed H-GCS hydrogel was characterized by rheology and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). H-GCS had minimal in vitro cytotoxicity against L-929 and HCEC cells over a concentration range o...
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This study evaluates biocidal effect of Euclea crispa stem bark extract and determines time-kill kinetics of its potent fractions as well as membrane attack capability. Susceptibility of the bacterial cells and minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) were determined via agar-well diffusion and broth micro-dilution respectively, time-kill kinetics were evaluated at different concentrations over 2-h period and membrane attack potential was evaluated via scanning electron microscopy imaging and measurement of the amount of proteins and nucleic acids released from the cells. Maximum zone of inhibition (22 ±&thin...
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This study was to assess the feasibility of a modified multiphasic CT scan protocol combined with homemade software measurements of glomerular filtration rate (CT-GFR) and explore the effect of renal tumor volume on the calculation of CT-GFR.Materials and MethodsProspective observational study comparing three methods of GFR measurement from February 2017 to December 2017, 91 patients with unilateral renal tumor underwent both a modified multiphasic CT scans of kidney and serum creatinine (Scr) tests preoperatively, of which 15 cases underwent additional radionuclide examination. Total and split CT-GFR, with or without rena...
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This study opens a broader landscape in which to develop dual-purpose materials for the delayed release of CBD, improving its bioavailability and allowing aflatoxin removal in gastric conditions.
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Conclusion  Our proposed memory-efficient registration method performs better than state-of-the-art conventional registration methods. By using a volume change control term in the loss function, the number of occurring foldings can be considerably reduced on new registration cases.
Source: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery - Category: Intensive Care Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 17 September 2019Source: Materials Today: ProceedingsAuthor(s): S. Suresh, K. Venkatesan, Elango Natarajan, S. RajeshAbstractThe growing importance of Aluminium alloys in automobiles and aerospace applications provides the implementation of composite materials and promising joining method like Friction Stir Spot Welding (FSSW). In this research, Al2O3 nanoparticles reinforced FSSW is carried out on 7075-T6 Aluminium alloy and the influence of tool rotational speed on mechanical properties is studied. The base metal of thickness of 2 mm is spot welded using a threaded cylindrical profile...
Source: Materials Today: Proceedings - Category: Materials Science Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 17 September 2019Source: Materials Today CommunicationsAuthor(s): Yuwei Chen, Yuhong Liu, Jiying Yang, Bailang Zhang, Zhendong Hu, Quan Wang, Weifei Wu, Yuanyuan Shang, Yumin Xia, Yongxin Duan, Kun Fu, Jianming ZhangAbstractHigh dielectric permittivity flexible composites have long been desired for enhancing the performance of embedded capacitors. One of the most promising approaches to improve the dielectric permittivity of flexible polymer is the addition of fillers with specific nanostructures. Previous reports revealed that nanocomposites with aligned 10 wt% barium titanate particles ...
Source: Materials Today Communications - Category: Materials Science Source Type: research
Publication date: 1 December 2019Source: Materials Letters, Volume 256Author(s): B. Revathi, L. Balakrishnan, N. Krishna ChandarAbstractComposites of BiMnO3 such as Bi1-xKxMnO3 and BiMn1-yCoyO3 (x = y = 0.05, 1.0, 1.5) based fiber optic magnetic field sensors were fabricated and sensitivity analysis was performed at room temperature. The properties of nanosized particles synthesized using hydrothermal method were studied using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, ultraviolet–visible spectrometer and Dielectric measurement. The results reveal the formation of nanocrystallite of size ∼ 50 ...
Source: Materials Letters - Category: Materials Science Source Type: research
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