The Dengue Dance?

Discussion Dengue is an important arboviral infection that affects about 40% of the world population. It is found mainly in topical and subtropical areas of the world mainly in developing countries but it range is spreading including the United States. A review of common arboviruses can be found here. It is a flaviavirus with 4 distinct serotypes named DENV-1 through DENV-4 and is spread by A. aegypti a day biting mosquito. Infection with one serotype confers immunity to that serotype but not the others. It does offer some protection for cross-infection but this only lasts a few months. Incubation period is 3-14 days with an average of 7 after exposure. A primary infection is usually benign. A second infection with another serotype or multiple infections with different serotypes can cause severe infections. Dengue fever (DF) presents with skin flushing and abrupt high fever (often biphasic 39.4-40.5C) but could also usually be lower that lasts for 5-7 days. Myalgia and pain especially headache or retroorbital pain is generally constant but remits in a few days. Anorexia, nausea, emesis or abdominal pain occur. Fatigue, lethargy or restlessness are also common. A maculopapular, blanching rash over the body occurs often on day 3-4 of fever and fades with time. DF is sometimes referred to as break-bone fever because of the intense fever. Dengue hemorrhagic fever or Dengue shock syndrome (DHF/DSS) are different in that patients have the same symptoms but start to have signs of ...
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AbstractCohen syndrome (CS) is an autosomal recessive congenital disorder, characterized by hypotonia, intellectual disability, developmental delay, microcephaly, progressive retinopathy, neutropenia, truncal obesity, joint laxity, characteristic facial, ophthalmic, oral and appendage abnormalities, and an over friendly behavior. It has been linked to mutations in theVPS13B gene. The main purpose of this study was to determine the genetic cause of CS in an Indian family. Whole exome sequencing (WES) was used to identify the genetic cause of CS in the family. The WES analysis identified a homozygous novel duplication mutati...
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Authors: Brignardello-Petersen R PMID: 32650943 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Noda Y PMID: 32652489 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Skewes MC, Gonzalez VM, Gameon JA, FireMoon P, Salois E, Rasmus SM, Lewis JP, Gardner SA, Ricker A, Reum M Abstract American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities experience notable health disparities associated with substance use, including disproportionate rates of accidents/injuries, diabetes, liver disease, suicide, and substance use disorders. Effective treatments for substance use are needed to improve health equity for AI/AN communities. However, an unfortunate history of unethical and stigmatizing research has engendered distrust and reluctance to participate in research among many Native co...
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The medical scientist made important contributions to polio treatment and Australian environmental policy —despite substantial resistance.
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Through groundbreaking studies on dengue and efforts to build scientific infrastructure in Latin America, the University of California, Berkeley, professor has bridged research with its benefits to...
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Publication date: Available online 12 July 2020Source: Journal of the American College of RadiologyAuthor(s): Lori A. Deitte, Tara M. Catanzano, Christopher P. Ho, Madelene C. Lewis
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I have a late 30's female patient with a history of leukemia (bone marrow transplant, chemo, nephrectomy), who has lateral hip and thigh pain. Unilateral pain. No obvious exacerbating or alleviating factors. Moderate to severe intensity, constant. She's got femoral diaphysis infarctions, several of them, and they match up exactly where she hurts. The lateral hip distribution isn't the main focus, it is the proximal and lateral thigh. She's got buttock pain as well, which was positive on... Bone pain?
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Publication date: Available online 12 July 2020Source: Social Science &MedicineAuthor(s): Daisuke Takagi, Nobutada Yokouchi, Hideki Hashimoto
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Publication date: Available online 11 July 2020Source: Joint Bone SpineAuthor(s): Dounia Tahri, Athan Baillet, Marion Lepelley, Philippe Gaudin, Romain Gastaldi
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