Eating Disorders You ’ ve Probably Never Heard Of

American culture seems obsessed with dieting. According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 70% of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight, including 35% that are considered obese. In kids and teens, it’s 17%. Meanwhile, the cultural ideal is to be fit, thin, and trim. The quest for body perfection has created a U.S. weight loss industry that was estimated to be worth $68.2 billion in 2017. In 2018, the fitness industry topped $30 billion. While 45 million Americans go on a diet every year and 54 million Americans paid for gym memberships last year, the sad reality is that most diets fail and most people quit their gym within months. For those who want to be slimmer and more fit, it is very discouraging. It’s not surprising that according to the National Eating Disorder Association, in the USA up to 30 million people of all genders develop eating disorders.  Social media and news articles have brought eating disorders, and specifically anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, into public and professional awareness. But there are many ways that people engage in disordered eating. You may not be aware that your own eating habits and behaviors or those of someone you love fall into one of the following classifications. Do realize that, as is true of many classification systems, people don’t necessarily fit neatly into one disorder. Often symptoms of more than one overlap. Brief case examples are provided as illustrations. Eating Disorders You ...
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Membranous nephropathy and anti –glomerular basement membrane glomerulonephritis are characterized by the deposition of antibodies that recognize specific glomerular epitopes. These antibodies may develop in autoimmune diseases, after exposure to new antigens or after passive maternal transfer, such as in neonatal membranous nep hropathy secondary to in utero transfer of anti–neutral endopeptidase protein Igs. In this issue of Kidney International, Abrahamson et al. reported a murine model of passive anti–glomerular basement membrane disease caused by antibody transfer from pregnant mice to their offspring.
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This study examines the embodied experience of 68 women who sought abortion services in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Social stigma and restrictive abortion laws were major barriers to care at the time of study, providing the opportunity to explore the ways biological, social, and structural factors shape embodiment. Those who obtained an abortion either traveled abroad for clinical care or self-managed a medication abortion at home. Participant's perceptions of pain, the fetus, the method (medication vs. surgical), and environment in which they sought abortion care (at home vs. in a clinic) were shaped by ...
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We report a woman with multiple sclerosis who discontinued fingolimod in the first month of her pregnancy. She developed severe disease rebound which responded poorly to steroids. She was started on rituximab, which was continued during the rest of her pregnancy and beyond. Rituximab appeared safe and well tolerated by both mother and infant, and could be considered in pregnancy for those patients with multiple sclerosis who are at high risk of gestational and postpartum relapse.
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ConclusionAortic dissection in pregnancy is relatively rare, but physicians should be on high alert for the condition when a pregnant woman has chest pain. Early diagnosis and adequate treatment in addition to regular multidisciplinary care are crucial to achieve favourable results.
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Publication date: Available online 19 November 2019Source: Journal of Functional FoodsAuthor(s): Michela Bottani, Stefano Cattaneo, Valentina Pica, Milda StuknytÄ—, Ivano De Noni, Anita FerrarettoAbstractThree commercial samples consisting of enriched calcium-free caseinophosphopeptides (CPP), enriched calcium-bound caseinophosphopeptides (Ca-CPP) and an enzymatically hydrolyzed casein (hCN) were in vitro digested according to COST-Infogest protocol. As assessed by UPLC-HR-MS/MS, the digests contained 207–235 unique caseinophosphopeptides, and the species presenting the cluster sssEE were more abundant in CPP digest....
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Publication date: Available online 19 November 2019Source: Journal of Functional FoodsAuthor(s): Xiaohong Sun, Caleb Acquah, Rotimi E. Aluko, Chibuike C. UdenigweAbstractBioavailability of bioactive peptides (BAPs) represents the amount of peptides absorbed through normal pathways, after oral intake, and distributed in target tissues to exhibit bioactive properties. The small intestine is the primary location of the gastrointestinal tract where peptide absorption mainly occurs. BAPs are beneficial to health upon reaching their physiological sites of action without structural changes. Despite the rapid and dynamic evolvemen...
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Conclusions Patients are not adequately ready to change their health-related behaviors. Higher cardiovascular risk predicts higher readiness to change health behaviors.
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Conclusions: IENFD measurement in postmortem skin is feasible and may be used to study the epidemiology of SFN.
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AbstractTremor is the most common movement disorder; however, we are just beginning to understand the brain circuitry that generates tremor. Various neuroimaging, neuropathological, and physiological studies in human tremor disorders have been performed to further our knowledge of tremor. But, the causal relationship between these observations and tremor is usually difficult to establish and detailed mechanisms are not sufficiently studied. To overcome these obstacles, animal models can provide an important means to look into human tremor disorders. In this manuscript, we will discuss the use of different species of animal...
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Conditions:   Low Birthweight;   Preterm Birth;   Maternal; Malnutrition, Affecting Fetus;   Sexually Transmitted Diseases;   Urinary Tract Infections;   Pregnancy and Infectious Disease Interventions:   Drug: Azithromycin 500 mg;   Dietary Supplement: Multiple Micronutrient or Fortified Balanced Energy Protein Supplement;   Drug: Placebo oral tablet 500 mg;   Other: Enhanced Infection Management Package (EIMP) Sponsors:   Brigham and Women's Hospital; &nb...
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