Quality of Life Improves After Coronary Intervention In Octogenarians

A recent reveals that the Quality of Life (QoL) proves after percutaneous intervention (PCI -- angioplasty and stent) in octogenerains. The study was a meta-analysis. This mean it combined the results from 11 previously published articles to study this patient population. In total, there were 700 octogenarian patients identified within the 11 studies with a mean age of 82.9 years. Studies were heterogeneity in the populations, methodology and QoL tools utilised. Overall, older patients improved at least as much as younger patients. The benefits are greatest in the first 6 months and may continue until at least 3 years.While mortality remains one of the most important factors post PCI, improving symptoms remains a very important factor to me and my patients. My experience is that patients of any age can gain significant improvements in QoL with successful PCI.
Source: Dr Portnay - Category: Cardiology Authors: Source Type: blogs