Even Mummies Have Heart Disease

Fascinating new findings have been recent announced at the ACC and published in the Lancet.For many years, coronary artery disease (CAD) was felt to be a disease of the industrialized, modernized world. Our lack of exercise, diet filled with processed foods and saturated fats and our inhalation of cigarette smoke and pollution has led to CAD becoming the number one killer of men and women in the modern world. Now, researchers have announced that this is NOT true. Examining 137 mummies from four different ancient cultures (Egyptian, Peruvian, Ancestral Peubloan and Unangan), researchers have revealed the presence of heart and vascular calcifications. This may lead to a significant change in our thinking and understanding as to the route cause of atherosclerosis. Might CAD be a part of human history? Could it be that all humans have an underlying inherent predisposition for coronary/vascular plaque build up?
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