Effect of Benson Relaxation on the Intensity of Spinal Anesthesia –Induced Pain After Elective General and Urologic Surgery

The present study aimed to evaluate the effect of Benson's muscle relaxation on postoperative spinal anesthesia –induced pain.
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Police officer Charles Thomas (left) examines an Esmarch chloroform mask (similar to the museum example,right) found in November of 1933 alongside the dead body of Chicagoan Rheta Wynekoop. As the latter ’s philandering husband rode a train out of town, his cash-strapped mother, physician Alice Wynekoop (1871 to 1955), confirmed that she had already taken out extra life insurance on Rheta. When Rheta complained of abdominal pain, her mother-in-law chloroformed her “for the examination.” Panick ing when Rheta appeared to have dropped dead, Dr. Wynekoop tried to cover up the medical mishap by shooting her d...
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While living abroad, the former First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln (1818 to 1882) tried to realign a picture hanging in her parlor in Pau, France. Unfortunately, the chair that she was standing upon collapsed, throwing her against a table. Debilitated by the ensuing back pain, Mrs. Lincoln boarded a transatlantic steamer back to New York City in October of 1880. There she was nearly crushed, emotionally and physically, by crowds rushing past her toward fellow passenger, actress Sarah Bernhardt. As the impoverished Mrs. Abraham Lincoln lingered in New York, waiting for congressional supplementation of h...
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Conclusions: Spinal anesthesia with a median or paramedian approach at cesarean section has no effect on the incidence of PDPH, but we believe that there has been a need for further studies with larger or different patient populations.
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Conclusions68% of all the patients obtained good pain tolerance through anal anesthetic block, females manifested better pain tolerance than males, in non-complicated anorectal pathology local block ha shown to be safe and reproductible for the treatment of benign anorectal pathology in the Guatemalan Institute for Social Security.ResumoIntroduçãoO uso de bloqueio anestésico regional aumentou ao mesmo tempo em que diminuiu o uso do anestésico espinhal nesse campo específico da atividade cirúrgica. Na última década, a cirurgia ambulatorial e o anestésico local a...
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Authors: Chaudhary B, Tripathy PR, Gaikwad MR Abstract Vertebral artery is a branch of 1st part of subclavian artery. Vertebral artery arising from the aortic arch most commonly presents on the left side. The cervical part of sympathetic trunk is closely related to the vertebral artery in the cervical region. Though lots of variations regarding anomalous origin, course of vertebral artery is reported in the literature, here we present a rare anomaly in which vertebral artery after originating from aortic arch is passing through stellate ganglia and it enters into the transverse foramina of higher cervical vertebra ...
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Thoracic injuries present many challenges for management in the acute and inpatient settings, including achieving appropriate pain control. Traditional modalities, such as opioids and spinal epidural anesthesia, are associated with multiple complications. Ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks are becoming more prevalent, and they have been shown to be an effective modality of pain control for other traumatic injuries. Models comprised of animal tissue to simulate human anatomy are widely utilized to facilitate training of needle-guided procedures, but no such model for the serratus anterior plane block has yet been defin...
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Conclusion. This retrospective investigation demonstrated that a higher ASA score is associated with increased operative time following ACDF. However, ASA score was determined not to be an independent risk factor that can predict postoperative pain or narcotics consumption among patients who undergo ACDF. Therefore, postoperative pain in the inpatient setting can be managed with similar modalities regardless of ASA score for patients undergoing ACDF. Level of Evidence: 3
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Purpose of review Day surgery coming and leaving hospital day of surgery is growing. From minor and intermediate procedure performed on health patient, day surgery is today performed on complex procedures and elderly patient and on patients with comorbidities. Thus, appropriate discharge assessment is of huge importance to secure safety and quality of care. Recent findings Discharge has since decades been assessed on a combination of stable vital signs, control of pain and postoperative nausea and vomiting and securing that patients can stand walk unaided. There is controversy around whether patients must drink and vo...
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ConclusionThe case reported, herein, demonstrates the feasibility of SA in elderly patients undergoing lengthy complex lumbar surgeries who have been designated “high-risk” patients (ASA > II) and provides support for future investigation into surgical and anesthesia treatment options for geriatric high-risk patients presenting with complex lumbar spine pathologies.
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This study provides the first direct evidence that oxytocin, probably by OTR activation at TCC level inhibited dural nociceptive-evoked action potential in this complex. Thus, targeting OTR at TCC could represent a new avenue to treat migraine. PMID: 31678349 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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