Analyte-resolved magnetoplasmonic nanocomposite to enhance SPR signals and dual recognition strategy for detection of BNP in serum samples

Publication date: Available online 19 June 2019Source: Biosensors and BioelectronicsAuthor(s): Jialin Zhao, Danli Liang, Shouwei Gao, Xiaojun Hu, Kwangnak Koh, Hongxia ChenAbstractB-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a short peptide that is considered to be an important heart failure (HF)-related biomarker. Due to its low concentration in the blood and short half-life, the sensitive detection of BNP is a bottleneck for diagnosing patients at early stages of HF. In this paper, we report a facile surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor to measure BNP; the sensor is based on aptamer-functionalized Au nanoparticles (GNPs-Apt) and antibody-modified magnetoplasmonic nanoparticles (MNPs-Ab) to enable dual screening of BNP in complex environments. During sensing, BNP forms MNP-Ab/BNP/GNP-Apt nanoconjugates that can be rapidly separated from the complex sample by a magnet to avoid degradation within the analyte's half-life. The developed SPR biosensor shows high selectivity, a wide dynamic response range of BNP concentrations from 100 fg/mL to 10 ng/mL, and a low detection limit of 28.2 fg/mL (S/N = 3). Using the proposed sensor, BNP was successfully detected in clinical samples. Thus, the designed SPR biosensor provides a novel and sensitive sensing platform for BNP detection with potential applications in clinical practice.
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In conclusion, we show here that sEVs are responsible for mediating paracrine senescence and speculate that they could be involved in inducing bystander senescence during therapy-induced senescence or aging. In fact, when compared to soluble factors, sEVs have different biophysical and biochemical properties as they have a longer lifespan than do soluble factors and they are more resistant to protease degradation. The idea that blocking sEV secretion could be a potential therapeutic approach to alleviate senescence "spreading" during chemotherapy-induced senescence or in aging tissues presents itself as a very at...
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Conclusions: This retrospective cohort study did not identify any significant differences in clinical or biochemical outcomes between HF patients with ID receiving FCM or IS. Direct cost analysis favoured use of IS in this group of patients. PMID: 31298975 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Acta Cardiologica - Category: Cardiology Tags: Acta Cardiol Source Type: research
Authors: Olschewski H, Canepa M, Kovacs G Abstract Chronic heart and lung diseases are very common in the elderly population. The combination of chronic heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is also common and, according to current guidelines, these patients should be treated for both diseases. In patients with heart failure, beta-blockers are very important drugs because their use is associated with significantly improved morbidity and mortality. These beneficial effects were documented in patients with and without COPD, although theoretically there is a risk for bronchoconstriction, parti...
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ConclusionSix months of HIIT in patients in CRT did not further improved indices of functional capacity and health-related quality of life, and LV structure and function, compared to CRT alone. However, HIIT led to further improvements in exercise performance. It remains unclear whether HIIT benefits patients in CRT to a similar degree as more conventional forms of exercise training previously shown to maximize benefits in CRT.Clinical trial registration Unique identifier: NCT02413151.
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AbstractIntroductionAlthough there are reports of the impact of congestive heart failure (CHF) on total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty, there is a lack of literature analyzing CHF in hip hemiarthroplasty  (HHA) procedures. The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of CHF on risks for complications following HHA for the treatment of FNF.MethodsThe ACS-NSQIP database was queried for all patients who had undergone HHA from 2005 to 2016. Patients were propensity-matched without replacement in a 1:1 manner based on age and gender. Pearson ’s Chi squared tests and Fischer’s exact ...
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Objectives: Midodrine is an α1-agonist approved for orthostatic hypotension. Recently, it has received attention as an oral vasopressor to facilitate ICU discharge. The purpose of this study was to identify the incidence of continuation of newly initiated midodrine upon ICU and hospital discharge and identify risk factors associated with its occurrence. Design: Single-center retrospective study. Setting: ICU patients from January 2011 to October 2016 at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Patients: Adult patients admitted to any ICU who received new midodrine for hypotension and survived to discharge. Interventions: ...
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This study aimed to evaluate current rates of ad hoc PCI use and associated risks of adverse outcomes in patients with stable coronary artery disease (CAD).MethodsWe identified 550,742 patients with stable CAD who underwent PCI in the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) CathPCI Registry from 2009–2017. We compared in-hospital bleeding, acute kidney injury (AKI), and mortality between patients receiving ad hoc vs. non-ad hoc PCI using logistic regression with inverse probability weighted propensity adjustment.ResultsBetween 2009 and 2017, 82.9% of patients underwent ad hoc PCI. Patients who did not undergo ad...
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ConclusionsPremorbid levels of hs-cTnT and NT-proBNP assessed on average six years prior to incident MI were associated with adverse outcomes after incident MI. These results further highlight the importance of cardiac health at an earlier stage of life.
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Authors: Komatsu M, Yamamoto H, Shomura T, Sonehara K, Ichiyama T, Urushihata K, Ushiki A, Yasuo M, Wakamatsu T, Sugimoto S, Oto T, Date H, Koizumi T, Hanaoka M, Kubo K Abstract Patients with end-stage lung disease can undergo living-donor lobar lung transplantation (LDLLT), with survival rates improving every year. We herein report the 20-year follow-up findings of the first patient who underwent LDLLT in Japan. A 24-year-old woman with primary ciliary dyskinesia became ventilator-dependent after severe respiratory failure and right-sided heart failure following repeated respiratory infections. In 1998, she underw...
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Authors: Koizumi G, Saiki R, Kurokawa I, Mikura K, Iida T, Murai N, Kaji M, Hashizume M, Kigawa Y, Endo K, Iizaka T, Otsuka F, Isobe T, Norose T, Ohike N, Sasaki J, Hayashi M, Sasaki H, Nagasaka S Abstract A 38-year-old woman who consulted a local doctor with chief complaints of sudden palpitations, headaches, and chest pain is herein presented. After admission, pheochromocytoma crisis was suspected. Since the patient had a history of acute heart failure and had once survived an episode of cardiac arrest, a rapid decrease in the catecholamine levels was needed. After resuscitation, pharmacological therapy with agen...
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