Fight Aging! Newsletter, June 17th 2019

In this study, analysis of antioxidant defense was performed on the blood samples from 184 "aged" individuals aged 65-90+ years, and compared to the blood samples of 37 individuals just about at the beginning of aging, aged 55-59 years. Statistically significant decreases of Zn,Cu-superoxide dismutase (SOD-1), catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activities were observed in elderly people in comparison with the control group. Moreover, an inverse correlation between the activities of SOD-1, CAT, and GSH-Px and the age of the examined persons was found. No age-related changes in glutathione reductase activities and malondialdehyde concentrations were observed. These lower activities of fundamental antioxidant enzymes indicate the impairment of antioxidant defense in the erythrocytes of elderly people. Towards Bioprinted Corneas While no tissues can be said to be simple, some are simpler than others. In the past decade, tissue engineers have made considerable progress towards the manufacture of these simpler tissues, from the starting point of cells and scaffold materials. Bioprinting, a form of rapid prototyping, has proven to be an important class of approach. The research noted here is a representative example of progress towards the production of corneas to replace those that are damaged by accident or age, and thus eliminate the need for donor tissue. ...
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We report here a huge ADPKD case of kidney transplantation concomitant with simple nephrectomy through thoracoabdominal approach that allows surgeons to manipulate the renal vessels, the adrenal grand, the trigonal ligament, and the lower pole of the kidney under the wide operative field. Because of the direct recognition of the surgical anatomy, it might be safe and feasible for simple nephrectomy in huge ADPKD patients undergoing concomitant kidney transplantation despite of the wide skin incision required by this approach.
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Publication date: Available online 20 July 2019Source: European UrologyAuthor(s): Elise De Bleser, Barbara Alicja Jereczek-Fossa, David Pasquier, Thomas Zilli, Nicholas Van As, Shankar Siva, Andrei Fodor, Piet Dirix, Alfonso Gomez-Iturriaga, Fabio Trippa, Beatrice Detti, Gianluca Ingrosso, Luca Triggiani, Alessio Bruni, Filippo Alongi, Dries Reynders, Gert De Meerleer, Alessia Surgo, Kaoutar Loukili, Raymond MiralbellAbstractBackgroundStereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and elective nodal radiotherapy (ENRT) are being investigated as metastasis-directed treatments in oligorecurrent prostate cancer (PC); however, comparat...
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Conclusions: Eph/Ephrin signaling plays an inhibitory role following TBI. Targeting the Eph signaling pathway with Fc fusion proteins and pharmacological agents can be a novel strategy to counter the damaging effects of TBI. Abbreviations: LFP: lateral fluid percussion; TBI: traumatic brain injury; KO: knockout; WT: wildtype; PTP2: protein phosphotyrosine phosphatase 2; Tg: transgenic; YFP: yellow fluorescent protein; ATM: atmospheres; RT-qPCR: Real-time-quantitative PCR; dpi: days post injury; GAPDH: glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; DAPI: 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole; PBS: phosphate buffered saline; GFAP: glial ...
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ConclusionWe performed cholecystectomy by using IFC to identify the aberrant subvesical bile duct. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report showing the fluorescence image of an aberrant subvesical bile duct in a state of nature.
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ConclusionVascular surgery in TA cases becomes an option when the patient does not improve clinically after administration of medical treatment. Although endovascular management has fewer complications, the rate of restenosis is higher. Patients at risk of restenosis and who have increased perioperative vascular risk can benefit from open surgical procedures. Surgical management should be tailored to the patient’s needs.
Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports - Category: Surgery Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 19 July 2019Source: International Journal of Surgery Case ReportsAuthor(s): Dario Iadicola, Massimo Branca, Massimo Lupo, Eugenia Maria Grutta, Stefano Mandalà, Gianfranco Cocorullo, Antonino MirabellaAbstractIntroductionTraumatic diaphragmatic injuries are rare complications resulting from a thoracic-abdominal blunt or penetrating trauma. Left-sided diaphragmatic injuries are more commonly reported in literature. Bilateral injuries are extremely rare, occurring in about 3% of the patients and just few cases reported in literature. Traumatic diaphragmatic hernias are definitely a m...
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ConclusionThis case is one of few cases reported in the literature highlighting the rarity of this injury pattern.
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ConclusionThe incidence of midline and lateral port site recurrence after laparoscopy for diagnosis or resection of ovarian cancer has not been determined. Limitation of trochar sites to the midline may reduce the extent of abdominal wall disease spread.
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ConclusionThere is evidence that newborns have a much higher potential for wound healing than adults. Proper position in long-term immobilization of toes is important to prevent scar contracture and deformity.
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ConclusionsPeritoneal tunnels in the inguinal region or at the porta hepatis should be opened by surgical dissection so that all foci of peritoneal metastases are removed at a complete cytoreductive surgery and these sites treated with chemotherapy.
Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports - Category: Surgery Source Type: research
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