Hepatosplenic brucella abscesses on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging: Case series

Conclusion: Our results indicate that early CT or MRI dynamic contrast enhancement of suspected cases could improve rapid diagnosis. However, diagnostic criteria remain problematic and diagnosis is mostly based on a combination of clinical suspicion, serologic markers, and radiologic findings.
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Brucella is a facultative anaerobic Gram-negative bacillus. It resembles Mycobacterium tuberculosis and establishes infection intracellularly. Brucella infection shows a strong tissue preference for the reproductive system, bone, and fetal ectoderm (de Figueiredo et al., 2015). Early manifestations of brucellosis consist of fever, sweating, joint pain, symptoms of poisoning, chronic spine arthritis, testis or ovarian inflammation, and neurological complications. The prognosis of brucellosis tends to be poor and can result in disability if an early diagnosis was missed and/or no timely treatment was initiated.
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Discussion Dengue is an important arboviral infection that affects about 40% of the world population. It is found mainly in topical and subtropical areas of the world mainly in developing countries but it range is spreading including the United States. A review of common arboviruses can be found here. It is a flaviavirus with 4 distinct serotypes named DENV-1 through DENV-4 and is spread by A. aegypti a day biting mosquito. Infection with one serotype confers immunity to that serotype but not the others. It does offer some protection for cross-infection but this only lasts a few months. Incubation period is 3-14 days with ...
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Background:Brucellosis is a serious disease affecting many individuals in the world and in Iran. The aim of this study was to investigate the epidemiological and clinical features of patients diagnosed with brucellosis in Kohgilouyeh and Boyerahmad province, southwest of Iran.Methods:This retrospective descriptive ‑analytic study included all individuals diagnosed with brucellosis during 2009–2015. The clinical and epidemiological information were gathered from recorded data available in the health center of Kohgilouyeh and Boyerahmad province, the southwest of Iran.Results:The total number of patients diagnosed wi...
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This is the first reported case in which a mycotic aneurysm refractory to the first medical treatment was treated with a Pipeline embolization device (PED), and the first case of a mycotic aneurysm from Brucella treated by endovascular therapy. A 35-year-old man presented with left eye pain and ptosis, and fever for 2 weeks. Before symptom onset, he visited Vietnam where he developed a flu-like illness; however, antibiotics were ineffective. We suspected Brucella as the most likely infectious etiology for the patient's intracavernous aneurysm.
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AbstractPiriformis pyomyositis is a rare form of purulent skeletal myositis. As previous studies concerning piriformis pyomyositis had lower level of evidence and no systematic review has been published yet, we performed a systematic search to review and describe causes, symptoms, red flags, and available treatment options for piriformis pyomyositis. Using PubMed and PubMed Central databases, we found 21 articles describing 23 cases of piriformis pyomyositis. Based on the retrieved information, alongside acute sciatica like buttock and/or hip pain, high-grade fever, aggressive deep seated gluteal pain, neurological deficit...
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AbstractObjectivesTo distinguish brucellosis patients fulfilling the Assessment of SpondyloArthritis international Society (ASAS) classification criteria for spondyloarthritis (SpA) from SpA patients.MethodsBrucellosis patients diagnosed from September 2012 to December 2017 who met the ASAS classification criteria for SpA were analyzed with clinical characteristics and laboratory and imaging examinations. Axial or peripheral SpA patients were respectively included into the comparative analysis with a 4:1 ratio.ResultsTwenty-two brucellosis (10 axial and 12 peripheral) patients (male, 16 cases; 72.72%; mean (S.D.) age, 40.2...
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Authors: Esmaeilnejad-Ganji SM, Esmaeilnejad-Ganji SMR Abstract Brucellosis is a common global zoonotic disease, which is responsible for a range of clinical manifestations. Fever, sweating and musculoskeletal pains are observed in most patients. The most frequent complication of brucellosis is osteoarticular involvement, with 10% to 85% of patients affected. The sacroiliac (up to 80%) and spinal joints (up to 54%) are the most common affected sites. Spondylitis and spondylodiscitis are the most frequent complications of brucellar spinal involvement. Peripheral arthritis, osteomyelitis, discitis, bursitis and tenos...
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We report a female patient with Brucella spondylodiscitis affecting the lumbosacral region resulting in CES due to epidural abscess formation. Brucella spondylodiscitis should be suspected in patients with unexplained neurological features and low back pain in endemic regions.
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CONCLUSIONSOnce the primary diagnosis is confirmed, early and adequately prolonged antibiotic therapy is recommended for spontaneous spondylodiscitis. Some cases can be successfully treated with conservative treatment alone, whereas surgery may be needed in other cases such as severe destruction of endplates, spinal abscess formation, mechanical instability, neurological deficits, and severe pain that have failed to respond to conservative treatment. PMID: 30611166 [PubMed - in process]
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An aortic aneurysm infected by Brucella is rarely seen. In this case report, we describe a Brucella mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm acquired from ingestion of sheep placenta. Clinical symptoms included fever, fatigue, and abdominal pain. Diagnosis was confirmed by blood culture and computed tomography (CT) angiography. Patient had increased abdominal pain during hospitalization and repeated CT showed a rapidly enlarging mycotic aneurysm. Emergent endovascular repair was successfully performed using a bifurcated stent-graft and combined intravenous and oral antibiotics were administrated.
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