The effectiveness of N-acetylcysteine for an adult case of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis: A case report

ConclusionsPersistent oral N-acetylcysteine may be an alternative treatment option for secondary PAP.
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scher T Abstract BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) has become a rare disease in developed countries. Austria is a low incidence country for TB with an incidence rate of 7.2/100,000 in 2016. The incidence of TB has shown a constant decline in Austria from 2008 (9.8/100,000) to 2015 (6.7/100,000) but recently stagnated in 2016 (7.2/100,000). In recent years migration to Austria from countries with high TB incidence rates has increased. Therefore, this study aimed to describe the recent epidemiology of childhood TB in Vienna. METHODS: Data of pediatric patients with active TB infections, who were hosp...
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As admissions for scarlet fever, whooping cough, scurvy, and other “Dickensian Era” diseases rise, medical laboratories must continue to consider uncommon causes when performing tests and providing data to physicians developing treatment plans Resurgence in once-rare diseases and conditions in both the United Kingdom and the United States highlight the importance of recognizing the unlikely […]
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We report the case of a 53-year-old man with a chief complaint of heartburn and cough. He had a history of traumatic diaphragmatic rupture treated with surgical repair and splenectomy 15 years ago. Imaging studies revealed a paraesophageal mass, and surgical resection was performed considering the possibility of Castleman disease or an esophageal submucosal tumor. Pathologic results showed findings of normal splenic tissue. The patient was discharged on postoperative day 5 without any complications. PMID: 30834219 [PubMed]
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We report a 9-year- and 6-month-old girl who complained of chronic cough and recurrent wheeze for 2 months. Diagnosis: Bronchialithiasis were found under bronchoscope. Pathologic examination revealed aspergillosis. Interventions: The stone and surrounding granulation tissue were removed using a bronchoscope and the patient was treated with antifungal therapy. Outcomes: The patient was in good general health without any clinical symptoms during the follow-up period. Lessons: Pulmonary Aspergillus infection can cause bronchiolithiasis. Stones were removed under bronchoscope, and anti-Aspergillus therapy was effective.
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In this study we describe an adult case and present a review of the literature. A 19-year-old male with no relevant medical history was admitted to our clinic with cough and wheeze. The patient had a history of frequent lower respiratory tract infection during childhood. Chest radiograph revealed a diffuse opacity and volume loss in the right hemithorax. High resolution tomography showed hypoplasia of the right hemithorax, multiple cysts in all of the lobes and segments on the right side, ground glass opacity and interlobular septal thickening of the whole right lung parenchyma. Right pneumonectomy was performed with the p...
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Rational: Clinical and radiologic manifestations of pleural amyloidosis are non-specific. And it can easily be missed or misdiagnosed. Meanwhile, few studies document amyloidosis presenting with pulmonary infarcts at the same time. Hereby, we report a case of immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis (AL) pleural amyloidosis with pulmonary embolism rarely reported. Patient concerns: A 66-year-old male patient who suffered recurrent pleural effusion for more than 6 months and coughed for 2 months was admitted to hospital for clear diagnosis and treatment. He was previously engaged in a job which exposed him to dust and ta...
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Conclusions: Current evidence suggests that TAL is still standard therapy for PAP. However, inhaled GM-CSF therapy is an alternative for patients who do not benefit from TAL and / or patients with autoantibody positivity.
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We present a retrospective case series of 09 subjects diagnosed with pulmonary actinomycosis between February 2007 and November 2017 on a Brazilian center. Data were collected from review of medical records, microbiological exams and computed tomography (CT).The majority of patients were men (66%) and middle-aged (median age 45 years). Almost a half (4/9 - 44%) had a history of pulmonary comorbidities (bronchiectasis, asthma, tuberculosis). The most common symptoms were cough (8/9 - 88%), sputum production (7/9 - 77%) and hemoptysis (5/9 - 55%). Consolidation was the most common chest CT finding (7/9 - 77%), followed by br...
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We described a 67-year-old female who foremostly presented with dysphagia, and the patient was readmitted due to a dry cough and pain of his right shoulder 2 years after initial treatment. Diagnoses: Primary esophageal FDC sarcoma with the right superior mediastinal lymph node metastasis. Interventions: The esophageal tumor was removed by endoscopic submucosal dissection at the first hospitalization. At the second hospitalization 2 years after the initial visit, the tracheal stent loaded with (125) iodine radioactive seeds was placed. The profiles of genetic variations and immunotherapeutic biomarkers were also explo...
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By 2025, between 100 million and 2 billion human genomes will have been sequenced, researchers said. What do medical research, companies or governments do with such an incredible amount of data? How could genomics bring DNA-based targeted treatments, personalized drugs, and individualized clinical methods, in other words, precision medicine to healthcare? Does disease categorize people? In the previous centuries, healthcare systems focused mainly on working out generalized solutions for treating ill people in as high numbers as possible. If cough syrup was good for the majority of the coughing masses and only two people ha...
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