A combination of running and memantine increases neurogenesis and reduces activation of developmentally-born dentate granule neurons in rats.

A combination of running and memantine increases neurogenesis and reduces activation of developmentally-born dentate granule neurons in rats. Behav Brain Res. 2019 Jun 02;:112005 Authors: Cahill SP, Martinovic A, Cole JD, Seib DR, Snyder JS Abstract During hippocampal-dependent memory formation, sensory signals from the neocortex converge in the dentate gyrus. It is generally believed that the dentate gyrus decorrelates inputs in order to minimize interference between codes for similar experiences, often referred to as pattern separation. The proportion of dentate neurons that are activated by experience is therefore likely to impact how memories are stored and separated. Emerging evidence from mouse models suggests that adult-born neurons can both increase and decrease activity levels in the dentate gyrus. However, the conditions that determine the direction of this modulation, and whether it occurs in other species, remains unclear. Furthermore, since the dentate gyrus is composed of a heterogeneous population of cells that are born throughout life, newborn neurons may not modulate all cells equally. We aimed to investigate whether adult neurogenesis in rats regulates activity in dentate gyrus neurons that are born at the peak of early postnatal development. Adult neurogenesis was increased by subjecting rats to an alternating running and memantine treatment schedule, and it was decreased with a transgenic GFAP-TK rat model. Activity was measured by Fo...
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To compare the results of bimanual pelvic exam (BPE) to Pelvic Ultrasound (PU) in symptomatic women. The American College of Physicians reported that 35% of women may experience pain, discomfort, embarrassment, or anxiety during a pelvic exam. This may serve as a barrier for women to seek medical care, which could potentially delay diagnosis. While prior studies show lack of evidence for routine BPE in asymptomatic women, its use in symptomatic women may also be limited.
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To evaluate the use of medications to manage pain and/or anxiety and the subjects ’ level of perioperative pain related to an endometrial ablation treatment with the Cerene Cryotherapy Device (Channel Medsystems, Emeryville, CA).
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Conclusions:Health providers should assess for mental health problems in youth presenting with sleep-related concerns. Intervening with both sleep and mental health problems should be considered to most effectively improve functioning.Citation:Van Dyk TR, Becker SP, Byars KC. Rates of mental health symptoms and associations with self-reported sleep quality and sleep hygiene in adolescents presenting for insomnia treatment.J Clin Sleep Med. 2019;15(10):1433–1442.
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Conclusions: Among male refugees living in precarious conditions in a Greek refugee camp, frequency of participation in an 8-week exercise and sport training program seemed to have the potential to positively impact refugees’ health. Due to the pre-experimental study design, our results must be interpreted with caution.
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Anxiety and depression are common among participants in cardiac rehab programs, and that poor mental health may cause them to drop out, a new study finds.Reuters Health Information
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“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” – Sidney Banks I spent most of my life scared of my feelings. Having feelings and expressing them made me mentally ill—or so I was led to believe by a large number of mental health professionals. When I felt sad, they labeled me as depressed. When I showed any signs of anxiety, they gave me another list of mental health disorders I needed medication for. And if I was angry? Oh well, that was the absolute worst. That clearly proved how insane and utterly out of control I was! I didn’...
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This study intended to compare the benefits of 2 mind-body interventions-yoga and mindfulness-in a hospital setting. Design: The research team performed a retrospective analysis of outcome data obtained from a hospital's programs. Setting: The study took place at a mind-body center at a hospital in Athens, GA (USA). Participants: Participants were 46 individuals enrolled either in a yoga (n = 24) or a mindfulness (n = 22) intervention program at the hospital. Intervention: Participants self-selected a mind-body-intervention program offered at the hospital: yoga or mindfulness. They received guided training ...
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This study aims to validate this observation. Blood levels of seven cytokines were measured in 120 patients with pSS from the United Kingdom Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome Registry and 30 age-matched healthy non-fatigued controls. Patient-reported scores for fatigue were classified acco rding to severity and compared to cytokine levels using analysis of variance. The differences between cytokines in cases and controls were evaluated using Wilcoxon test. A logistic regression model was used to determine the most important identifiers of fatigue. Five cytokines, interferon-γ-induced protein-10 (IP-10), tumour ne...
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OCD is a disorder that affects millions of people and causes a lot of mental, physical and spiritual distress. Because OCD can be debilitating it is important to note that the problem is not the disorder itself, rather, it is the anxiety that comes from the symptoms of the disorder. So when you are compulsively demanding your mind to stop obsessing, this just fuels your OCD symptoms and increases your relationship with the distress A big part of learning to live with OCD is to incorporate self-compassion. Instead of avoiding your anxiety, self-compassion invites you to look at it with understanding and gentle curiosity. Th...
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ConclusionsDespite limitations due to sample size, the meta-analyses highly agree with the systematic review and provide evidence of widely distributed neural differences in subjects with GAD, compared to HC. Further research optimized for meta-analyses would greatly improve large-scale comparisons.
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