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You remember when you were a kid and there always seemed to be a reward for hard work? It made the long trek worth it. There was ice cream at the end of that arduous hike. There were those weeks of studying for tests, but then there was always summer break to look forward to. You got lollipops at the doctor’s office and an allowance for doing chores. There was always something to help pull you through to the finish line when you felt like giving up. But then you got older. Maybe you or your loved one was diagnosed with an illness and things just got hard. There were no rewards. Here’s what I learned. As adults, no one’s going to do it for us so we’ve got to do it for ourselves. Sometimes there are positive consequences baked into difficulty. We get the thrill of finishing a race or applause from giving a presentation. Or we venture out of the house and attend a party. Even if we stayed for only an hour, we risked discomfort and gained courage and confidence from facing our fears. But if you’re running the midnight oil and there is no end in sight, you could be heading for burnout or even depression and anxiety. Set up self care stations to keep you motivated in the short and long-term. Maybe this looks like planning an exciting vacation every year with friends or attending a yoga retreat solo. Maybe it’s about scheduling the one thing that brings you joy or spending the afternoon doing nothing. Make it as important as anything else you...
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ConclusionsALS8 patients present mild executive dysfunction and behavioural changes such as mood disorders, apathy and stereotypic behaviour. Our findings suggest that ALS8 is not a pure motor disorder and it is associated with subtle cognitive and behavioural impairments.
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CONCLUSIONS: Contrary to earlier reports of lower-quality care, patients with and without mental illness had similar preventive and chronic disease management care quality following medical home implementation. PMID: 31310189 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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We describe the implementation, clinical outcomes and participant perspectives for e-Healthystrides©. Setting: Three independent ambulatory clinics and an historic African American (AA) church. Participants: Adults with diagnosed diabetes mellitus type 2. Intervention: e-Healthystrides© health coach facilitated intervention. Primary outcome: Acquisition of three new self-management behaviors. Secondary outcomes: Blood pressure, blood glucose, A1c, attrition rate and participant perspectives of e-Healthystrides©. Methods: A convergent parallel mixed method design was used in both pilot...
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Authors: Cohen JL, Vu MT, Beg MA, Sivaraman S, Birur B Abstract Somatic delusions occur in a variety of psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder. Somatization is associated with lower quality of life and greater risk for suicide. Treatment of somatic delusions is extremely challenging. Here we report an interesting case of severe somatic delusions in a 48-year-old African-American female with a long history of treatment resistant schizoaffective disorder, with multiple somatic complaints surrounding constipation, pregnancy, jaw pain, body aches, vaginal itch, ma...
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Authors: Yaylacı F, Küçük Ö, Erkuran HÖ Abstract Paliperidone is a relatively novel atypical antipsychotic drug that is currently used to treat schizophrenia in adolescents and adults. The drug was generated by combining the active metabolite of risperidone, 9-hydroxyrisperidone, with osmotic controlled-release oral administration system (OROS) technology. Due to its specific design, the drug has been identified as a different form, albeit an active metabolite of risperidone. Such distinction mainly manifests itself during pharmacokinetic processes, because paliperidone is not affected b...
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We report a 46-year old woman affected by migraine, anxiety and mild depressive mood (MSQ score: 24; BDI score: 34; VAS score: 8) that partially improved with pregabalin treatment (VAS: 5). Laboratory findings documented low serum levels of vitamin D (25-hydroxy-vitamin D: 12 ng/mL; normal range: 20-100 ng/mL; 1-25 di-hydroxy-vitamin D: 19 ng/mL, normal range: 25-66 ng/mL). The treatment with 10,000 UI vitamin D during pregabalin therapy induced an improvement of clinical symptoms (pain, anxiety and depression) and of the quality of life. This case report suggest that in chronic migraine patient with anxiety and mild mood ...
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Publication date: October 2019Source: Fish &Shellfish Immunology, Volume 93Author(s): Chaoqun Li, Beili Zhang, Huihui Zhou, Xin Wang, Xionge Pi, Xuan Wang, Kangsen Mai, Gen HeAbstractHigh levels of soybean meal (SBM) in aquafeed leads to detrimental inflammatory response and oxidative stress in fish. In the present study, fermentation with Aspergillus awamori was conducted to explore the potential effects on improving the nutritional quality of soybean meal and the health status of turbot. A 63-day feeding trial (initial weight 8.53 ± 0.11 g) was carried out to evaluate the utilization of fermented soybean...
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In conclusion, vitamin D status among pregnant Mongolians is severely depressed throughout the year and should be addressed through fortification and supplementation, while in the U.S.), deficiency is associated with specific characteristics targetable through supplementation.
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ConclusionsBP1 and MDD are characterized by an upregulation of the nitrosylome (the proteome of nitrosylated proteins) and increased IgM responses to nitrosylated conjugates. Increased nitrosylation may be driven by increased bacterial translocation and is associated with lipid peroxidation processes. Innate-like (B1 and marginal zone) B cells and increased nitrosylation may play a key role in the major affective disorders through activation of immune-inflammatory and oxidative pathways, cardiovascular comorbidity and impairments in antioxidant defenses, neuro-glial interactions, synaptic plasticity, neuroprotection, neurogenesis.
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J. Mater. Chem. A, 2019, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C9TA04592A, PaperMarijn Antoon Blommaert, David A. Vermaas, Boaz Izelaar, Ben in 't Veen, Wilson A. Smith A bipolar membrane (BPM) can be used to maintain a pH difference in an electrolysis cell, which provides freedom to independently optimize the environments and catalysts used for paired redox... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
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