Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Hidden Heart Disease

Large study found even mild impotence was tied to greater odds of future hospitalization, death
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HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE may seem harmless but the condition can be a precursor to heart disease so it is important to keep it in check. Nuts have been shown to have a moderating effect on blood pressure and one nut comes out on top.
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Conditions:   Erectile Dysfunction;   Penile Diseases Intervention:   Diagnostic Test: shear Wave Elastosonography Sponsor:   University Of Perugia Recruiting
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AbstractBackgroundThe purpose of this study was to measure trends in the use of tranexamic acid (TXA) during delivery in the United States and to evaluate demographic data and morbidity outcomes among these patients.MethodsThis retrospective cohort study includes data from 19 hospitals in the Universal Health Services network. We compared rates of TXA use between January 2015 and June 2019 across geographic sectors. We also evaluated associations of demographic variables and perinatal outcomes of women who received TXA.Results209 cases of TXA use were found from analysis of 101,564 deliveries. TXA use increased over time a...
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The senescence of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) has been implicated as a causal pro-inflammatory mechanism for cardiovascular disease development and progression of atherosclerosis, the instigator of ischemic heart disease. Contemporary limitations related to studying this cellular population and senescence-related therapeutics are caused by a lack of specific markers enabling their detection. Therefore, we aimed to profile a phenotypical and molecular signature of senescent VSMCs to allow reliable identification. To achieve this goal, we have compared non-senescent and senescent VSMCs from two in vitro models of se...
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Chinese scientists looked at 25 studies with a total of more than 154,000 men. They also found impotence raised the men's risk of a stroke by 34 per cent and premature death by 33 per cent.
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MONDAY, June 11, 2018 -- Troubles in the bedroom can be a double whammy for older men: Researchers have found that erectile dysfunction ups the risk for heart disease. Their four-year study concluded that men whose impotence is vascular-related,...
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Men of color in the United States continue to experience significant gaps in health conditions and mental health treatment options for cancer, diabetes and heart disease as compared with other ethnic groups. This is not a new issue, but rather a continuing problem that has plagued both the health and mental healthcare industry for decades. While all racial ethnicities are worthy of attention; African American men presenting with erectile dysfunction (ED) after treatment of prostate cancer in a mental health setting are the focus of this work. Reports of ED among African American men are far more common in medical settings ...
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Let’s talk about the “S” word. New research shows that sex can help keep your mind sharp as tack as you grow older — and I’m not surprised. Sex can be a great tool for protecting or improving your health Researchers in the U.K. recently tested more than 6,800 people between the ages of 50 and 89. Those with active sex lives scored an amazing 23% higher on cognitive word tests than those with inactive sex lives.1 That’s because your sex hormones are linked to your brain’s reward center. And reward processing plays a fundamental role in motivation, learning and cognition —...
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It is open season on erectile dysfunction. First, a politician in South Carolina introduced a bill to make it hard to get Viagra and then a politician in Kentucky. If the bills pass, they will hold patients with erectile dysfunction hostage to unrelated agendas. You might think that erections would be as politically untouchable as guns. After all, erections are nearly as popular as they are common. So how can erectile dysfunction be politically impotent? Our society has a bipolar relationship to erections. It is so extremely bipolar that it leaves little room for authentic conversation: Real men, who are neither studs nor ...
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You may have heard of Dry January, a campaign run in the U.K. by Alcohol Concern. To promote alcohol awareness, it involves (as you’ve likely gathered) completely abstaining from alcohol for the month of January. It’s a valuable campaign with noble intentions, but a minority of participants may unfortunately miss the wider point. A month of strict abstinence does lead some to drink more than they should come February 1. Remaining alcohol free for a month is an achievement which deserves to be rewarded, but compensatory drinking is not what Dry January is trying to advocate. A healthy attitude towards consu...
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