A Descriptive Medico-legal Study of Female Deaths in Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Conclusionand recommendations: Females in the third decade of life with blunt injuries to the head and neck were the majority of adult female autopsies. Homicide was the most common manner of female death using sharp instruments after domestic arguments mainly by a spouse or relative. Accidental death came second mainly due to post-operative complications. In cases of suicide, falling from height was the commonest cause followed by poisoning. These findings could be useful for forensic pathologists and healthcare promoters in predicting and preventing female deaths. Moreover, this emphasizes the need for raising public awareness about the scale of female violence problem in our society. The results of this study indicates that, by not only a strong legal support network, but also by opportunities for economic independency, essential education and awareness, alternative accommodation and a change in attitude and mindset of society, judiciary, legislature, executive, men and most importantly women themselves can lower or even prevent such deaths specially suicidal.
Source: Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine - Category: Forensic Medicine Source Type: research

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Authors: Łabuz-Roszak B, Niewiadomska E, Kubicka-Bączyk K, Skrzypek M, Tyrpień-Golder K, Majewska A, Matejczyk A, Dobrakowski P, Pierzchała K Abstract OBJECTIVES: Pain is one of the most frequently reported symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). It affects the daily functioning of patients, limits the ability to work and reduces the joy of life. The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of pain on quality of life as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients with MS. METHODS: The study included 144 patients with diagnosed MS (mean age 41±12 years, mean illness duration 10.3±8.6 ...
Source: Psychiatria Polska - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Pol Source Type: research
Authors: Herman A Abstract In recent years increased interest in the connection of intestinal microflora and the state of human health resulted in a great deal of research on the influence of intestinal microflora in particular on mental health, including works on affective functions of the central nervous system (CNS). Previous studies on animals have revealed the existence of a bi-directional communication system between the gastrointestinal microbiota and the central nervous system, the so-called .gut-brain axis' which modulates functioning of CNS through immunological, endocrine and neuronal mechanisms. Clinica...
Source: Psychiatria Polska - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Pol Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: On the basis of the study, it was indicated that the group of the highest risk are students of junior secondary school, probably because of the great interest in physical attractiveness in this period of life, as well as individuals with higher BMI. We believe that for more effective diagnosis it would be advisable to adopt a cut-off point for orthorexia in the ORTO-15 at the level of 35 points, as postulated by Stochel, Janas-Kozik et al. The 40-point threshold is associated with considerable overdiagnosis of the phenomenon. PMID: 31317965 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Psychiatria Polska - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Pol Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: 1) More than . of studied adolescents realize that there is no integrated system of suicide prevention; 2) The family, according to high school students, plays the greatest role in preventing self-destructive behaviors; 3) There is a need of greater involvement of schools, the Church, the police, health care institutions and the media in education and raising adolescents' awareness in the field of self-destructive behaviors.`. PMID: 31317963 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Psychiatria Polska - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Pol Source Type: research
This article presents recommendations of the Polish Psychiatric Association regarding approach to pregnancy loss and unsuccessful in vitro treatment of infertility. From the psychological perspective pregnancy loss and perinatal death are amongst the most stressful events in human life - carrying increased risk of developing affective, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorders. Psychologists, physicians and the rest of the medical staff should provide integrated and individualized care which should be based on respect, empathy and expertise. The necessary phases of support for women experiencing pregnancy loss are: (1) ph...
Source: Psychiatria Polska - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Pol Source Type: research
Authors: Rybakowski J, Cubała WJ, Gałecki P, Rymaszewska J, Samochowiec J, Szulc A, Dudek D Abstract In the article, the recommendations of the Polish Psychiatric Association regarding pharmacological treatment of women with bipolar disorder during pregnancy and postpartum period were presented. The issue pertains to every twentieth woman wanting to get pregnant. Before planned pregnancy, it is advisable to obtain a several-month stabilization of psychiatric state, to establish treatment with one mood-stabilizing drug (except for valproate and carbamazepine) or gradual discontinuation of drugs in case of mild cou...
Source: Psychiatria Polska - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Pol Source Type: research
Authors: Samochowiec J, Rybakowski J, Galecki P, Szulc A, Rymaszewska J, Cubiała WJ, Dudek D Abstract Treatment of depressive disorders in women of childbearing age requires special attention due to the possibility of planned or unplanned pregnancy and the specificity of mood disorders associated with the perinatal period. A doctor who treats depression in a woman of childbearing age should openly discuss with the patient her sexuality and the possibility of becoming pregnant. A psychiatrist may encounter various problems, such as: a therapeutic decision regarding a woman suffering from recurrent depression who re...
Source: Psychiatria Polska - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Pol Source Type: research
Conclusion: Blue light therapy appears to have a positive effect on sleep, mood, and motor symptoms in PD. PD patients had an overall positive attitude towards blue light glasses as treatment for sleep disorders. PMID: 31316746 [PubMed]
Source: Parkinsons Disease - Category: Neurology Tags: Parkinsons Dis Source Type: research
Conclusions: Bipolar disorder is common among primary care patients presenting with depression; it is often treated exclusively in primary care. Clinicians should be alert for symptoms of bipolar disorder in undiagnosed patients, know what symptoms probabilistically suggest bipolar versus unipolar depression, have expertise in providing ongoing treatment to diagnosed patients, and be knowledgeable about managing common medication-related side effects and comorbidities. Prompt and accurate diagnosis is critical. PMID: 31311335 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Current Medical Research and Opinion - Category: Research Tags: Curr Med Res Opin Source Type: research
Publication date: 1 September 2019Source: Inorganica Chimica Acta, Volume 495Author(s): G.G. Martirosyan, H.V. Adonts, G.S. Hovhannisyan, T.S. KurtikyanAbstractThe adducts of Co(II)(TPP) and Fe(II)TPP (TPP is meso-tetraphenyl-porphyrinato dianion) with carbon monoxide in Ar matrix at 10 K have been studied by FTIR spectroscopy using CO, C18O and their equimolar mixture. It is shown that both metals may form mono-carbonyl adducts with CO, however formation of bis-carbonyl adduct was confirmed only for iron porphyrin. These results refute an earlier assumption regarding existence of Co(TPP)(CO)2 in Ar matrix.Graphical abstract
Source: Inorganica Chimica Acta - Category: Chemistry Source Type: research
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