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May 30, 2019 Edition.-----We are still recovering from the upset win of the Coalition in the election. New Government now sworn in and Hunt back in Health. This week there is a lot  of excellent reading on the topic for those interested. What were to top 10 factors in how it came out are pretty tricky to discern. Albo has taken over Labor but 3 years is a long time! Amazing back room deal making in evidence.Trump is in Japan over last weekend and then back home to cause more trouble with Iran, NK etc.! Mueller has spoken and made it clear that Trump was not exonerated or cleared. Neither was Russia - big time! Theresa May resigns June 7 and the fight is on for who will replace her. Busy time in the UK!----- Major Issues.----- set sights on market rally after the pollsVesna Poljak and James ThomsonMay 19, 2019 — 5.23pmBillions of dollars in franking credits... This is the initial part of the post - read more by clicking on the title of the article. David.
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The triumph of the astronauts, especially Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, was more than a victory for the United States, but instead a victorious moment for all mankind and no other moment will seem as big until we reach beyond the moon for other planets, other stars. The following is an excerpt from Apollo 11: An AP Special Anniversary Edition, available in paperback and e-book exclusively on On the eve of history, perhaps men do not sleep well, or perhaps they are not meant to. Before they slept Saturday night, their rest period was delayed an hour-and-a-half because of a pesky communications...
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When the Omron HeartGuide blood pressure smartwatch was introduced at CES 2018, I knew I had to test it. The device promises everything that’s mind-boggling about digital health technologies: a wearable health sensor with FDA-clearance for blood pressure readings that’s technically very difficult to achieve. At first sight, it seemed like the innovation that could put an end to inconvenient blood pressure cuffs and traditional measurements. Now that we have tested it, the picture seems to be less rosy: although the FDA-cleared blood pressure evaluation is impressive, it may take years until the wearable truly b...
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In this study, we propose an improved time-series deformation model considering rheological parameters (viscosity and elasticity) based on the Kelvin model. The functional relationships between the rheological parameters and deformation along the Synthetic Aperture Radar ( SAR) line of sight are constructed, and a method for rheological parameter estimation is provided. To assess the feasibility and accuracy of the presented model, both simulated and real deformation data over a stretch of the Lungui highway (built on soft clay subgrade in Guangdong province, China) are investigated with TerraSAR-X satellite imagery. With ...
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Conclusions: In normal corneas and regular refractive errors, the cornea-induced high-order aberration was minimal, and all types of refractive errors were associated with certain types of high-order aberrations, with a significant increase in spherical aberration in the hypermetropia group. PMID: 31275631 [PubMed]
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New research papers published nearly coincidentally highlight a wide range of emerging uses for nanoscale robots in tackling some of the most vexing problems in medicine, and also might offer clues to common methods of controlling the tiny devices. One of the experiments,conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), explored using a microrobot to facilitate precision delivery of drugs to tumor sites. The other,conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, targets hard-to-dislodge biofilms on a wide variety of surfaces, from human teeth to catheters, water lines, and pipes. Simone Schürle, an a...
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CONCLUSIONS: In this case series, photorefractive keratotomy was shown to be an effective treatment method for secondary ametropia after radial keratotomy. Apart from the correct planning and execution of the PRK, it is of critical importance to inform the patients about the limitations and the anticipated refractive result of the procedure. PMID: 31266074 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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The video of President Trump shaking hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and becoming the first sitting U.S. president to cross the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) into North Korea should have been a welcome sight in both East Asia and the United States. It was a powerful symbol of warming relations between Washington and Pyongyang —a process that had stumbled in February when a summit meeting abruptly ended in an impasse.Trump ’s domestic critics, though, seem unwilling to accord him any credit for his diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea and the easing of dangerous tensions that have plagued the Korean Pe...
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It was a modest little rocket scheduled to make a modest little flight, and yet an awful lot of people showed up at Cape Canaveral before dawn this morning to watch it happen. They had good reason to be there. With the flight, America’s planned return to the moon by 2024 moved a small but critical step closer. Easily the most harrowing part of the next lunar flight will be the first, when astronauts climb into their Orion spacecraft at the top of a rocket 36 stories tall, sloshing with more than 5 million pounds of fuel, and ground controllers effectively set it all on fire. If things work as they should, the fire wi...
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Advances in medical technology continue apace, with sophisticated new medical devices and therapies becoming available on an ongoing basis. However, medical technology often comes at a premium, and for low-resource regions sometimes even relatively b...
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To describe clinical features, evaluation, surgical management and outcomes in children with esotropia associated with high hypermetropia.
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