Carney Complex: Unusual Presentation

In this report, we wanted to emphasize osteochondromyxoma, as a component of CNC. PMID: 31117334 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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This report emphasizes the importance of cytogenetic and molecular genetic analyses, along with clinical examination, to identify chromosomal or genetic variations associated with canine PMDS. These are helpful tools to obtain early diagnosis in the MS, which is important to improve health outcomes for affected dogs and to reduce the prevalence of PMDS and cryptorchidism in this breed by avoiding the mating of carriers. PMID: 31241703 [PubMed - in process]
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Silvina Beatriz Meroni, María Noel Galardo, Gustavo Rindone, Agostina Gorga, María Fernanda Riera and Selva Beatriz Cigorraga* Centro de Investigaciones Endocrinológicas “Dr César Bergadá” CONICET-FEI-División de Endocrinología Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutiérrez, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sertoli cells are somatic cells present in seminiferous tubules which have essential roles in regulating spermatogenesis. Considering that each Sertoli cell is able to support a limited number of germ cells, the final number of Sertoli cells reached during...
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In conclusion, our results contrast with those of previously published studies, and show that the great majority of LCTs are negative or have decreased expression of INSL3 while its expression is retained in LCH. INSL3 negative nodules within LCH may represent early LCTs. INSL3 immunostaining could be helpful to highlight LCs in cases where it is difficult to identify them (ie, small testicular biopsies performed for infertility workup) and in the differential diagnosis between florid LCH and LCT.
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This study investigated the pharmacological inhibition of the toll ‐like receptor 4 (TLR4) genes as a measure to attenuate microcystin‐LR (MC‐LR) reproductive toxicity. Bovine Sertoli cells were pretreated with TLR4‐IN‐C34 (C34) for 1 hour. Thereafter the pretreated and non‐pretreated Sertoli cells were cultured in medium containing 10% heat‐activate d fetal bovine serum + 80 μg/L MC‐LR for 24 hours to assess the ability of TLR4‐IN‐C34 to attenuate the toxic effects of MC‐LR. The results showed that TLR4‐IN‐C34 inhibited MC‐LR‐induced mitochondria membrane damage, m...
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Contributors : Yasmine Neirijnck ; Chlo é Mayère ; Serge Nef ; Pauline Sararols ; Françoise KühneSeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Mus musculusSingle cell data from E16.5 SF1-GFP mouse testis
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We present the clinicopathological features of a young adult, with unilateral "stone-like" LCCSCT, without changes in hormonal status and no clinical characteristics of noted genetic disorders. CASE REPORT: A 24-year-old male presented with painless hardening of the right testis. There was no gynaecomastia, and serum levels of human chorionic gonadotropin and α-fetoprotein were normal. Ultrasound depicted hyperechogenic, clearly demarcated intratesticular lesion. Partial orchiectomy was performed. Macroscopically, tumour appeared as almost entirely calcified round mass, measuring 10 mm. Histopathologica...
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We report 2 ovarian sex cord-stromal tumors, a luteinized adult granulosa cell tumor and a cellular fibroma, with melanin pigment. These occurred in 44 and 61-yr-old patients, respectively. As far as we are aware, melanin pigment has not been described previously in an ovarian sex cord-stromal tumor, although it has been reported in a testicular Sertoli cell tumor. We review ovarian neoplasms containing melanin pigment.
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Diagnostic Cytopathology, EarlyView.
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Abstract Sex cord-stromal tumors of the testes are rare malignancies as compared to germ cell tumors. Pure Sertoli cell tumors are still rare representing
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Abstract The self-renewal, proliferation, and differentiation of the spermatogonial populations must be finely coordinated in the mammalian testis, as dysregulation of these processes can lead to subfertility, infertility, or the formation of tumors. There are wide gaps in our understanding of how these spermatogonial populations are formed and maintained, and our laboratory has focused on identifying the molecular and cellular pathways that direct their development. Others and we have shown, using a combination of pharmacologic inhibitors and genetic models, that activation of mTOR complex 1 (mTORC1) is important...
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