One-pot, three-step cascade synthesis of D-danshensu using engineered Escherichia coli whole cells

Publication date: Available online 21 May 2019Source: Journal of BiotechnologyAuthor(s): Tianzhen Xiong, Pu jia, Jing Jiang, Yajun Bai, Taiping Fan, Xiaohui Zheng, Yujie CaiAbstractD-danshensu (D-DSS), extracted from the plant Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen), is widely used to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Here we engineered Escherichia coli strains to produce D-DSS from catechol, pyruvate and ammonia by one-pot biotransformation. Tyrosin-phenol lyase (TPL), L-amino acid deaminase (aadL), D-lactate dehydrogenase (ldhD) and glucose dehydrogenase (gdh) genes were overexpressed in Escherichia coli strain. First, the expression of genes was regulated by different copy number plasmids combination, the result of E. coli TALG6, with strong overexpression of TPL, aadL, ldhD and moderate overexpression of gdh, exhibited 253.7 % increase D-DSS production compared to E. coli TALG1. Second, the optimum concentration of catechol was found to be 50 mM. Finally, a fed-batch biotransformation strategy was proposed, namely the amount of catechol was added to 50 mM every 2 h. The total production of D-DSS reached 55.35 mM within 14 h, which was 1.7 times that without feeding.Graphical abstract
Source: Journal of Biotechnology - Category: Biotechnology Source Type: research

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CONCLUSION: These findings indicate increased resistance of E. coli to ciprofloxacin in comparison with prior studies. Further research in this field will increase our knowledge and more effective exposure to the antibiotic resistance of the pathogenic microorganisms. PMID: 31198116 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery - Category: Infectious Diseases Tags: Recent Pat Antiinfect Drug Discov Source Type: research
Conclusions: It can be concluded that E. divaricata and V. zizanioides crude ethanol, aqueous, and hexane extracts exhibited significant in vitro antibacterial activity against S. aureus, and the active compounds isolated from them can be potential sources for the synthesis of antibacterial drugs. PMID: 31198423 [PubMed]
Source: International Journal of Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Tags: Int J Microbiol Source Type: research
Authors: Padilla C, Carrasco-Sánchez V, Padilla A, Lobos O Abstract A strain of Shigella flexneri producing bacteriocin was isolated from a patient with diarrhea. The main objective of this study was to isolate and partially characterize the bacteriocin. The producing microorganism was identified using biochemical, serological, and molecular methods. The lethal activity of the S. flexneri strain was studied using the drop method. This bacterial strain showed activity against different strains of E. coli and B. fragilis. Using immunological techniques, it was determined that S. flexneri belongs to serotype 2a...
Source: International Journal of Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Tags: Int J Microbiol Source Type: research
Publication date: 2019Source: Materials Today: Proceedings, Volume 15, Part 2Author(s): Manohara Dhulappa Jalageri, Yashoda Malgar Puttaiahgowda, HariprasadAbstractEco-friendly technique was adopted for the preparation of piperazine polymer nanocomposites is developed via green synthetic route in one-pot approach. The structure and properties of polymer nanocomposite were confirmed by using UV-Visible spectroscopy, XRD and SEM. The synthesized piperazine nanocomposite showed very good antimicrobial activity against gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli (5.0-11.6 mm diameter) and gram-positive bacteria Staphylococcus aure...
Source: Materials Today: Proceedings - Category: Materials Science Source Type: research
Publication date: November 2019Source: Materials Science and Engineering: C, Volume 104Author(s): Nam Su Heo, Shruti Shukla, Seo Yeong Oh, Vivek K. Bajpai, Sun Uk Lee, Hye-Jin Cho, Suji Kim, Yeonho Kim, Hae Jin Kim, Sang Yup Lee, Young-Si Jun, Mi-Wha Oh, Young-Kyu Han, Seung Min Yoo, Yun Suk HuhAbstractBacterial pathogens of water origin have potential public threats thus suggesting the need of developing efficient and sustainable water disinfection strategies from waterborne pathogens. We set out to synthesize different controlled morphologies of graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) polymer, evaluate their comparative effect...
Source: Materials Science and Engineering: C - Category: Materials Science Source Type: research
In this study we investigated whether a well-characterized polyphenolic red wine extract is able to inhibit the cytotoxic effects induced by a clinical pathogenic Escherichia coli strain (E. coli 270) against HT-29 colon epithelial cells. Firstly, we provide evidences showing that the E. coli strain triggered the death of the intestinal epithelial cells through the production and release of a toxin. Then we support that, in a concentration dependent way, RWE through both, a direct interaction with bacterial exotoxin and the epithelial cells, prevented the action of the toxin on the cells, significantly reducing cell death....
Source: Chemico Biological Interactions - Category: Biochemistry Source Type: research
Authors: Kubota M Abstract Recent evidence suggests that hyperuricemia is an important condition in children and adolescents, particularly in association with noncommunicable diseases. This review aims to summarize our current understanding of this condition in pediatric patients. An analysis of serum uric acid reference values in a healthy population indicates that they increase gradually with age until adolescence, with differences between the sexes arising at about 12 years of age. This information should be taken into consideration when defining hyperuricemia in studies. Gout is extremely rare in childre...
Source: Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism - Category: Nutrition Tags: J Nutr Metab Source Type: research
Abstract SUMMARYExtraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli (ExPEC) strains are responsible for a majority of human extraintestinal infections globally, resulting in enormous direct medical and social costs. ExPEC strains are comprised of many lineages, but only a subset is responsible for the vast majority of infections. Few systematic surveillance systems exist for ExPEC. To address this gap, we systematically reviewed and meta-analyzed 217 studies (1995 to 2018) that performed multilocus sequence typing or whole-genome sequencing to genotype E. coli recovered from extraintestinal infections or the gut. Twenty m...
Source: Clinical Microbiology Reviews - Category: Microbiology Authors: Tags: Clin Microbiol Rev Source Type: research
This study suggests that a quantitative PCR assay targetingF. nucleatum in stool samples has the potential to be included in a larger panel of biomarkers for non-invasive testing for colorectal cancer.
Source: European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
Ming-Bo Wang Hairpin-structured (hp) RNA has been widely used to induce RNA interference (RNAi) in plants and animals, and an in vivo expression system for hpRNA is important for large-scale RNAi applications. Bacterial expression systems have so far been developed for in vivo expression of hpRNA or double-stranded (ds) RNA, but the structure of the resulting RNAi molecules has remained unclear. Here we report that long hpRNAs expressed in the bacteria Escherichia coli and Sinorhizobium meliloti were largely processed into shorter dsRNA fragments with no or few full-length molecules being present. A loss-of-function m...
Source: Genes - Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Authors: Tags: Article Source Type: research
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