Gonadal Function Recovery and Fertility in Women Treated with Chemo- and/or Radiotherapy for Hodgkin ’s and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Conclusions: This study suggests a possible role of pharmacological prophylaxis with OCs and GnRH analogues.Chemotherapy
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Discussion Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) is a rare disorder. It is usually considered an autosomal recessive disorder but there is significant intra-familial variability. There are multiple genes (~20 currently) involved and it is believed that the phenotypic variability is due to “…differences in the total mutational load across different BBS associated genes….” It is a ciliopathy where mutation changes in proteins in the cilias causes problems in the cilia’s functioning particularly signaling. Cilia are important in signaling to maintain tissue and cellular homeostasis. Obviously screening o...
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Publication date: Available online 17 August 2019Source: Life SciencesAuthor(s): Masoud Najafi, Keywan Mortezaee, Jamal MajidpoorAbstractCancer stem cells (CSCs) are a population of self-renewal cells with high tumorigenic potency. CSCs can adopt easily with changes in the nearby milieu, and are more resistant to conventional therapies than other cells within a tumor. CSC resistance can be induced secondary to radio- and chemotherapy, or even after chemotherapy secession. A combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors is contributed to CSC-mediated therapy resistance. CSCs represent protective autophagy and efficien...
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Publication date: Available online 6 August 2019Source: Life SciencesAuthor(s): Ni Jiao, Yuping Chen, Yihui Zhu, Wei Wang, Mengxue Liu, Wangli Ding, Gaohong Lv, Jinfu Lu, Bin Yu, Huiqin XuAbstractAimsDiabetes mellitus (DM)-induced reproductive damage is an important cause of infertility for male DM patients, we herein evaluated the effects of catalpol on diabetic reproductive damage through the suppression of the AGEs/RAGE/Nox4 signaling pathway.MethodsKK-Ay diabetic reproductive damage mice were administered with catalpol for 8 weeks, the testis/body weight ratio, testicular histopathology, the levels of endogenous horm...
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ConclusionOur data demonstrate that AURKA inhibition induces synthetic lethality and overcomes chemoresistance in Myc-overexpressing lymphoma. The combination of MLN8237 and conventional chemotherapy showed promising safety and anti-tumor activities in preclinical models of Myc-positive NHL.
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ConclusionsPhysicians should be aware of the possibility of the emergence of primary malignancies in patients with a history of papillary thyroid carcinoma, especially lung cancer as it is a common site of papillary thyroid carcinoma metastases. Using appropriate diagnostic evaluations in order to choose the best therapeutic option is of utmost importance.
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ConclusionsWe present the rare case of a patient with surgically resected locally advanced rectal cancer who demonstrated an impressive pCR with preoperative chemotherapy, which included FOLFOX plus bevacizumab.
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We report the first case of a patient with T315I mutated myeloid sarcoma that occurred after complete cytogenetic response with dasatinib of a chronic phase CML. The patient was successfully treated with induction chemotherapy and ponatinib.
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Publication date: Available online 17 August 2019Source: Seminars in Cancer BiologyAuthor(s): Paola Queirolo, Andrea Boutros, Enrica Tanda, Francesco Spagnolo, Pietro QuaglinoAbstractMelanoma has always been described as an immunogenic tumor. Despite that, until 2011 the standard of care in metastatic melanoma was chemotherapy, with low response rates and no clear impact on overall survival. Melanoma was the first cancer type to drive the use of immune-checkpoint inhibitors into clinical practice, which revolutionized the therapeutic paradigm not only in melanoma, but also in an increasing number of tumors. In this review,...
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In conclusion, our data show how oncogenic and tumor-suppressive drivers of cellular senescence act to regulate surveillance processes that can be circumvented to enable SnCs to elude immune recognition but can be reversed by cell surface-targeted interventions to purge the SnCs that persist in vitro and in patients. Since eliminating SnCs can prevent tumor progression, delay the onset of degenerative diseases, and restore fitness; since NKG2D-Ls are not widely expressed in healthy human tissues and NKG2D-L shedding is an evasion mechanism also employed by tumor cells; and since increasing numbers of B cells express NKG2D ...
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Conclusions: PreservCyt maintains good morphology and RNA/DNA integrity suggesting that it is a suitable fixative for VRL diagnosis and molecular analysis. PMID: 31418635 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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