Is vegan diet healthy for kids? Belgian doctors say no

Belgium's Royal Academy of Medicine recommended last week that children, teens, pregnant women and nursing mothers do not follow a vegan diet.
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ConclusionsStructural stigma is a potential risk factor for adverse reproductive health among sexual minority female adolescents. Changing laws and policies to be inclusive of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, can help alleviate entrenched reproductive health disparities.
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the role of prenatal stress due to high-decibel (dB) sound exposure on postnatal hearing and cochlear structure. Pregnant rats were exposed to 95 or 65 dB noise or music for 2 h once a day from gestational day 15 until delivery. The serum corticosterone was measured in the pregnant dams and pups. On postnatal day 22, pups underwent auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing. Then, the cochleae were immediately harvested for biochemical and molecular investigations. Prenatal stress impaired reproductive parameters, increased serum corticosterone and ABR thresholds wit...
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The newly emerging field of positive psychology focuses on the positive facets of life, including happiness, life satisfaction, personal strengths, and flourishing. Research in this field has empirically identified many important benefits of enhanced well-being, including improvements in blood pressure, immune competence, longevity, career success, and satisfaction with personal relationships. Recognizing these benefits has motivated researchers to identify the correlates and causes of well-being to inform them in the development and testing of strategies and interventions to elevate well-being. As positive psychology rese...
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Pregnancy and early life are characterized by marked changes in body microbial composition. Intriguingly, these changes take place simultaneously with neurodevelopmental plasticity, suggesting a complex dialogue between the microbes that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract and the brain. The purpose of this chapter is to describe the natural trajectory of microbiota during pregnancy and early life, as well as review the literature available on its interaction with neurodevelopment. Several lines of evidence show that the gut microbiota interacts with diet, drugs and stress both prenatally and postnatally. Clinical and precl...
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Becki and Cees Van der Land, from Northumberland, were told one twin's heart had stopped at 17 weeks. But the other twin is growing healthily and both will be born soon.
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(European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) The transfer of embryos cultured for five or six days (instead of two or three) after fertilisation in IVF and ICSI has become routine in many fertility clinics. Many (but not all) studies show that transferring these longer and better developed embryos - known as blastocysts - will increase the chance of pregnancy and live birth.
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(European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) The increasingly popular trend for fertility clinics to freeze all IVF embryos for later transfer has been shown in a large multicentre randomised trial to offer no improvement in delivery rates over traditional 'fresh' embryo transfers. 'Our findings give no support to a general freeze-all strategy in normally menstruating women,' said investigator Dr Sacha Stormlund from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark.
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AbstractPurposeOBGYNs help patients plan families, conceive, and deliver children, however the personal reproductive history and goals, infertility experiences, and birth outcomes of OBGYNs are not well studied.  We aim to characterize female OBGYN reproductive experiences with a particular focus on infertility, reproductive life planning (methods of pregnancy prevention, reasons why pregnancy is/was delayed), birth outcomes (mode of delivery, delivery timing), and the postpartum period (breastfeeding, mat ernity leave, postpartum depression).DescriptionAn anonymous email survey was distributed to female members of Ge...
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