Marijuana legalisation linked to rise in abuse and car crashes

Legalisation followed by drop in chronic pain admissions – neutral overall effect on healthcare service use Related items fromOnMedica Minimum alcohol unit pricing finally goes live in Scotland NI drug deaths in males double in a decade Criminal sanctions fail to curb illegal drug use TB could be cured by four months ’ treatment in many patients More action needed to treat TB
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ConclusionsMusculoskeletal problems are the main occupational health problems experienced by the study group. New findings include a low but important prevalence of ultraviolet radiation–associated conditions. One in 3 guides have experienced significant psychological trauma, and one quarter of these had symptoms of PTSD.
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Addiction is a chronic condition that leads to overdose and death. Addiction ruins lives, families and devastates communities. If you are suffering from addiction, it can be normal to ask yourself hard questions such as, “will I suffer from addiction forever? Is there a cure for addiction?” While there is no magic wand that can cure addiction, it is a treatable condition. When addiction is treated, people can go on to live normal, happy, healthy lives. While addiction may cause a lot of destruction and fractured relationships in its path, people can repair and move on from them as well. The Cure for Addiction:...
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Daily we all experience a variety of emotions. Certain things make us happy, others sad. We may see certain people and feel love, or see other people who make us angry. And although most of us don’t go around discussing each emotion we are feeling, we aren’t really thinking about hiding them either. There is, however, one emotion that people sometimes feel and go to great lengths to avoid discussing, showing or admitting. Shame. Shame is a painful emotion that causes us to feel inadequate, unworthy and as though we have failed at, well, likely everything. It’s often confused with embarrassment or guilt, ...
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Loud snoring ruins the lives of millions: the snorers’ as well as those who have to listen to it frequently. However, snoring isn’t just an annoyance. It can hint at a serious sleeping disorder: sleep apnea. Not only does the condition cause frustration in itself, but when looking at the comfort of it, its treatment could be compared to an attack of Aliens. How could digital health help patients who undergo sleep apnea treatment? Are there any ways to get rid of the Aliens? Almost 1 in 7 people have sleep apnea worldwide ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone’, that&rs...
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ConclusionsThere are many pitfalls in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, especially pancreatic tail cancer due to its vague symptoms. Thus, pancreatic cancer of the tail often presents late with a very poor prognosis. Because there is currently no widespread screening for pancreatic cancer, it is often difficult for practitioners to identify pancreatic tail cancers. Current research suggests that there is a strong association between new-onset diabetes after the age of 50 and pancreatic cancer, and tumors detected at the onset of diabetes are favorable to resection. Pancreatic cancer has also been shown to be associated w...
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What Are 5 Underlying Reasons for Addiction? Addiction always stems from a root cause, also known as one of the reasons for addiction. It is extremely important to treat both the root cause of the addiction in addition to the physical addiction itself. Staying sober involves much more than just detoxing from drugs or alcohol and abstaining from them in the future. It also involves finding the underlying reasons for the addiction and treating that as well, so that it does not exacerbate the addiction in the future. This is why so many people fail when they attempt to quit using drugs or alcohol cold turkey. While there can ...
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Chronic pancreatitis is a fibro-inflammatory disease of the pancreas characterized by inflammation and fibrosis. It is associated with excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, although a number of other risk factors are increasingly recognized, including genetic predisposition. Patients typically present with upper abdominal pain, weight loss and changes in bowel habits caused by exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Additionally, chronic pancreatitis is frequently complicated by secondary diabetes mellitus (type 3c diabetes) and a number of other conditions, including common bile duct stenosis and duodenal obstruction.
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CONCLUSION: A prediction model was developed to calculate individual risk of primary healing failure and the need for reamputation surgery at each amputation level. This model may assist clinical decision-making regarding amputation-level selection. PMID: 31134619 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Advances in cancer treatment have led to a growing number of survivors. At least 40% of those survivors live with chronic pain and need pain control medication. This coincides with an epidemic of opioid misuse and overdose deaths, resulting in restrictive ...
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Background and aims Chronic pain after traumatic injury and surgery is highly prevalent, and associated with substantial psychosocial co-morbidities and prolonged opioid use. It is currently unclear whether predicting chronic post-injury pain is possible. ...
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