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High cholesterol levels can increase a person ’s risk of heart disease. Natural ways to lower cholesterol include replacing trans fats and saturated fats with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, eating more soluble fiber, and exercising regularly. Learn more here.
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In this study, we identified that miR-143-3p was up-regulated in rabbit CHD model. The results of TargetScan and the dual luciferase reporter assay indicated that KLLN (killin, p53 regulated DNA replication inhibitor) was a direct target of miR-143-3p. Besides, we revealed that KLLN was down-regulated in rabbit coronary heart disease model. In addition, we found that the related-markers of CHD such as TC (total cholesterol), TG (triglyceride), and LDLC (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) in the model group were significantly increased than that in the control group. And compared with the model group, miR-143-3p inhibitor...
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This study aims to identify the share of patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) and residual inflammation who may benefit from anti-inflammatory therapy.MethodshsCRP and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels were determined in 2741 all-comers admitted to the cardiological ward of our tertiary referral hospital between June 2016 and June 2018. Patients without CHD, with acute coronary syndrome, chronic or recurrent systemic infection, use of immunosuppressant or anti-inflammatory agents, chronic inflammatory diseases, chemotherapy, terminal organ failure, traumatic injury and pregnancy were excluded.Results856 patients w...
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(Natural News) Garlic is a common cooking ingredient, famous around the world for its pungent flavor. Used for seasoning food and as a condiment, garlic is also known for its health benefits. In ancient times, garlic was used mainly for its medicinal properties. Garlic can help prevent heart disease, control cholesterol and blood pressure, and...
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Men and women under 40 may be at risk for heart failure or heart disease if they have hypertension or high levels of “bad” cholesterol.
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The increased risk remains even if blood pressure and cholesterol levels are controlled later in life Related items fromOnMedica Most supplements offer no real benefit, some might increase risks Physical activity might offset harms of time spent sitting Heart disease and stroke deaths plummet in Scotland Coronary heart disease remains UK ’s biggest killer Vitamin D supplements do not confer cardiovascular protection
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The study by Columbia University adds to evidence that young adulthood is a critical period when high blood pressure or cholesterol are particularly harmful.
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MONDAY, July 15, 2019 -- Act sooner rather than later to prevent heart disease, a new study suggests. This means young adults should not put off treating high blood pressure or unhealthy cholesterol levels. The study involved more than 36,000...
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Calorie restriction is typically associated with weight loss. But a growing body of research suggests a lower-calorie diet may bring a range of other health benefits, even for those who aren’t trying to drop pounds. The latest study, published July 11 in the Lancet Diabetes &Endocrinology, suggests that cutting just 300 calories a day, while maintaining an otherwise healthy diet, can significantly improve cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, potentially reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease in the future. The study was small but rigorous. Researchers asked...
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The relationship between cholesterol levels and stroke has been much less clear than between cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease. This is likely mostly due to the inadequate power of older studies and the low intensity of cholesterol-lowering interventions at that time available. Because a reduction in stroke has been, conversely, clearly observed in trials with statins, for long “pleiotropic” effects of such drugs, unrelated to cholesterol lowering, have been invoked. In a previous analysis of all randomized trials of cholesterol-lowering treatments reporting on stroke we had, however, reached the co...
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Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a major cause of death worldwide [1]. It is characterized by cholesterol-containing deposits in the major heart blood vessels, which results in angina, shortness of breath, fatigue and myocardial infarction [2]. The number of survivors is growing due to an aging population, and advancement in CHD treatment and management [3,4]. Most of the research on survivorship has focused on morbidity and mortality, however there is increasing awareness that quality of life (QoL) is also an important health indicator [5,6].
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