Vaccination Status in Pediatric Solid-Organ Transplant Recipients and Their Household Members.

CONCLUSIONS: We found that most pediatric solid-organ transplant recipients to be appropriately vaccinated. However, vaccination status in household members, especially in parents, was disappointing. PMID: 31050613 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Experimental and Clinical Transplantation : official journal of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation - Category: Transplant Surgery Authors: Tags: Exp Clin Transplant Source Type: research

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If you or someone close to you have an autoimmune condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, along with about 195 others, there are a number of steps you can take that reduce, even eliminate the autoimmune inflammation damaging your organs. (Unfortunately, some forms of autoimmune damage cannot be reversed. Autoimmune loss of pancreatic beta cells that lead to type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis that damages the thyroid gland, or autoimmune hepatitis that can lead to cirrhosis. for example, cannot be reversed even if the autoimmune p...
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Authors: Bewersdorf JP, Stahl M, Zeidan AM Abstract Key paper evaluation: Craddock C, et al. Combination Lenalidomide and Azacitidine: A Novel Salvage Therapy in Patients Who Relapse After Allogeneic Stem-Cell Transplantation for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. J Clin Oncol. 2019; 37: 580-8. Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (allo-HSCT) is the only potentially curative treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). However, most patients relapse after allo-HSCT and treatment options are limited. Craddock et al. reported recently in the Journal of Clinical Oncology results from a ...
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Abstract Food contamination with cadmium (Cd) is a serious health threat to humans worldwide and Cd accumulation by rice is a major source of Cd entrance to the food chain. Silicon (Si) application decreases the Cd content in rice but the timing of Si application may need further investigation. The present study investigated the effect of split application of Si in the soil (600 kg/ha of Si) at different growth stages of rice on the growth and Cd accumulation by rice under Cd stress. Rice plants were grown in the presence and absence of Cd and Si was applied in the soil at different growth stages of rice unde...
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tto G Abstract Foliar fungicide application in grapevines increases the content of heavy metals such as copper (Cu) in vineyard soils, which may reach phytotoxic levels. The application of soil amendments such as limestone and vermicompost may reduce Cu availability and phytotoxicity. The study aimed to assess growth, physiological status and changes in root morphology in young grapevines grown for 12 months in Cu-contaminated soil with and without the application of soil amendments. Samples of a Typic Hapludalf soil were collected in a vineyard with more than 30 years of cultivation. The following treatments were...
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Vincent speaks with David Oshinsky, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Polio: An American Story, about the history of poliovirus vaccines. Host: Vincent Racaniello Guest: David Oshinsky Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcasts, RSS, email Become a patron of TWiV! Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees. Send your virology questions and comments to
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Charles river esplanade ,Boston* : A healthy middle-aged man who was jogging quietly, while his heart was under intense scrutiny by the bionic eyes of Apple i-watch’s smart patch electrode. Suddenly, it detected some bizarre ST segment fragmentation (Seems it can predict in advance , Ischemic signals 10 minutes prior to onset of ACS ) The built-in cosmos direct GPS instantly alerted &summoned a titanium powered Space X drone that pulled the patient from the riverside to the nearest human wellness port . It dropped him through a remotely accessed split glass roof right inside the hybrid heart lab, to find , men a...
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Objectives: Our objective was to test the hypothesis that children with end-stage chronic liver disease (ESCLD) are hypermetabolic when compared to healthy children, and that this hypermetabolism persists for at least 6 months after liver transplant. Methods: Seventeen patients with end-stage chronic liver disease and 14 healthy controls had their resting energy expenditure measured (mREE) by indirect calorimetry. Weight, height, and body mass index were converted to standard deviation (SD) scores. Children older than 5 years had air displacement plethysmography and patients older than 5 years also had whole body dual...
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Conclusions: Serum S100β and IL-6 are associated with HE in children with PALF. Measuring these markers may assist in assessing neurological injury in PALF, impacting clinical decisions.
Source: Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Original Articles: Hepatology Source Type: research
Very early onset inflammatory bowel disease (VEO-IBD) represents a diagnostic and treatment challenge. Here we present a case of VEO-IBD secondary to a mutation in BIRC4 gene, which encodes X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP), in a 17-month-old boy with severe failure to thrive, intractable diarrhea, and hepatosplenomegaly. Endoscopy and histology identified only mild duodenitis and ileitis, but severe pancolitis with crypt abscesses and epithelium apoptosis. Minimal improvement in symptoms was achieved with total parenteral nutrition (TPN), intravenous (IV) corticosteroids, and tacrolimus, whereas induction and...
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Conclusions: We report a 14% prevalence of PLS following pediatric ABO-c LT. Recipient blood group A+ receiving a donor O+ graft is a risk factor for PLS. Recognition of PLS as a cause of early acute anemia in pediatric ABO-c LT enables timely transfusion with donor (rather than recipient) blood group red cells.
Source: Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Original Articles: Hepatology Source Type: research
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