Pediatric patients go to the dogs for MRI anxiety relief

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AbstractCompared to healthy controls (HCs), individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) exhibit more symptoms of sensory processing disorder (SPD), which is associated with difficulties in educational and social activities. Most studies examining comorbid SPD-ADHD have been conducted with children and have not explored relations to brain volumes. In this pilot study, we assessed a subtype of SPD, sensory modulation disorder (SMD), and its relation to select brain volumes in adults with ADHD. We administered part of the Sensory Processing 3-Dimensions Scale (SP3D) to assess subtypes of SMD and collected...
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Conclusions: Measuring HRQoL before or after the consultation did not impact HRQoL scores on a group level. However, most patients reported a clinically relevant difference in at least one HRQoL scale between the two time points. These findings highlight the importance of standardized moments of HRQoL assessments, or patient-reported outcomes in general, during treatment and follow-up in clinical trials.
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CONCLUSION: The use of MRI scanning in the diagnosis of LBP may lead to psychosocial factors influencing participation in physical and social daily activities. PMID: 32746671 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSION: The co-abuse of ALZ has amplified the hepato-renal toxic effects of MPH. Therefore, it is a significant concern for public safety, and their co-abuse must be restricted and discouraged.
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This article discusses practical, patient-oriented considerations that are helpful for radiologists contemplating ways to improve the MRI experience for patients. Patient friendly scanner properties are discussed, with an emphasis on literature findings of effectiveness in mitigating patient claustrophobia, other anxiety, or motion and on reducing scan incompletion rates or need for sedation. As shorter scanning protocols designed to answer specific diagnostic questions may be more practical and tolerable to the patient than a full-length standard-of-care examination, a few select protocol adjustments potentially useful fo...
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This article will review methods that can be considered to improve patient experience and cooperation in imaging studies. Such techniques can range from modifications to the scanner suite, different ways of preparing and interacting with children, collaborating with parents for improved patient care, and technical advances such as accelerated acquisition and motion correction to reduce artifact. Special considerations for specific populations including transgender patients, neonates, and pregnant women undergoing fetal imaging will be described. The unique risks of sedation in children will also be briefly reviewed.
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Abstract OBJECTIVE: We introduced a humanoid robot for the use of techno-psychological distraction techniques in children aged 4-10 to reduce their anxiety and improve their behaviour during dental treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two hundred children (98 boys, 102 girls; mean age: 6.5 ± 1.66 years) appointed for first time for dental caries were included and randomly divided into two groups [N = 100 for each group; RG: Robot Group (accompanied by the robot), CG: Control Group (without robot accompaniment)]. Half of the children were treated under local anaesthesia (...
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Conclusions: The Danish version of the 4DSQ measures the same constructs as the original Dutch questionnaire. Twenty items functioned differently in Danish respondents than in Dutch respondents, but this had only a small impact on the scale scores. PMID: 32715935 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Wow, that was a couple of very insightful discussions, via social media no less. #1. The first one was about whether heads of state and candidates to high office should pass a cognitive/ mental fitness test. Click HERE to read and discuss some of the sharpest comments, such as… “I wonder what brought this up.” “Definitely. We routinely screen applicants for a wide range of jobs.” “Then the balance of political power would shift towards the designers of those tests.” “That’s what debates are for.” “Yes, but probably nobody would pass it.” “...
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Can’t focus? Here’s how to cope with ADHD when you’re stuck at home. Living with ADHD can be a daily struggle. Put social distancing, working from home, and staying inside much of the time in the mix, and you probably feel like most or all of your systems, strategies, and self-care practices have been ripped away. You may feel like there’s no real certainty of when you will be able to reincorporate these necessities back in your life. Well, as a therapist who is also living with ADHD, I feel your pain. There are some tips that might make life easier as you move through this time of uncertainty. I h...
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