Periodontal disease may predispose men to impotence

Men in their thirties with chronic gum disease are at significantly increased risk for erectile dysfunction, suggests a study by Turkish researchers.
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One of the problems of being infertile because of erectile dysfunction ( impotence) is that these men can ’t stop thinking of themselves as failures . They can't even do such a simple thing like making a baby in their bedroom - something which millions of men have been doing since time immemorial !The problem is compounded by the fact that their wife will often blame herself. She will feel that her husband does not find her sexually attractive, which is why he is not able to get an erection when have sex with her.This can be hard to come to terms with - specially for many young successful professional men w...
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MONDAY, July 20, 2020 -- Viagra, the wonder drug for men suffering from impotence, is not a cure for all sexual health ills, a new study shows. Since it hit the scene, men aren't complaining about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation as...
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(European Association of Urology) Scientists report a change in why men seek help for sexual problems, with fewer men complaining about impotence (erectile dysfunction) and premature ejaculation, and more men, especially younger men, complaining about low sexual desire and curvature of the penis (Peyronie's disease).
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Erectile dysfunction recognition dates back to Ancient Greece, praying to Aphrodite. Even the Bible mentions retribution for adultery by punishing Abimelech with impotence.1 Hippocrates described erectile dysfunction as an imbalance of humors. Still, it was Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 –1519) who first clarified these classical descriptions by observing the requirement of blood flow from executed men's resulting erections after hanging.2 However, the teachings of Hippocrates pervaded Western medical thought until well into the Renaissance.
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Conclusions: RT, despite modern techniques, affects the sexual function of PCa patients in varying degrees. Reducing radiation doses to penile structures may play a role in preventing erectile dysfunction.
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This study aimed to generate PB dose constraints based on dose-volume histograms (DVHs) in patients treated with prostate radiotherapy, and to identify clinical and dosimetric parameters that predict the risk of ED post prostate radiotherapy. Materials and methods: Penile bulb DVHs were generated for 276 patients treated within the randomised IGRT substudy of the multicentre randomised trial, CHHiP. Incidence of ED in relation to dose and randomised IGRT groups were evaluated using Wilcoxon rank sum, Chi-squared test and atlases of complication incidence. Youden index was used to find dose-volume constraints that disc...
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Patches made from human placenta could prevent men becoming impotent following prostate cancer surgery. Incontinence and erectile dysfunction can occur in up to seven in ten men.
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The pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction was highly contested in Renaissance medicine due to the believe in witches and incantations.1,2 A newly-found treatise by the physician Wolfgang Reichart (1486 –circa 1547) challenges the contemporary view that bewitchment as a cause of impotence defies any natural explanation. Reichart studied in Tübingen and worked as a town physician of Ulm since 1512. Nearly 600 letters of his letters are preserved, but only half of them are edited. The letters are not primarily medical in nature except one casuistry on melancholy and circa 60 letters which can be considered epistolary medicine.
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ERECTILE dysfunction is a very common problem, particularly among men over the age of 40, but experts have suggested eating a certain fruit could boost blood flow to the penis and reduce the risk of impotence happening.
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The therapy delivers up to 2,400 pulses of sound to the shaft of the penis over 20 minutes. Six sessions gave significantly better results than a standard impotence pill alone, Italian researchers found.
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