Do You Really Think " The Brady Bunch " Was Real?

The current measles epidemic is raising issues of the vaccine versus the actual illness. Some anti-vaccination groups are using television from the 1970's to demonstrate the safety of the disease.
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795 cases of mumps and 231 of measles in first quarter of 2019 Related items fromOnMedica Parental confidence in immunisation programme ‘very high’ Results from children ’s flu jab pilots ‘encouraging’ World ’s first malaria vaccine piloted in Malawi babies HPA warns of possible measles epidemic Vaccination of children could target flu best
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As a medical student, the place I dreaded most was the ward at the children’s hospital where they kept the chronic ventilator patients. Unlike the other floors, where there was shouting and laughter and tears, and all the commotion and turbulence of youth, here it was dark and lifeless and eerie, with no sound except the hum of the ventilators, and the rattle of air being forced through plastic tubes. It was a place of failure and defeat, the desolate aftermath of some vast and tragic battle. An unexpected aftermath of measles My patient was a teenager who had been in a coma for years. His limbs had stubbornly twiste...
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[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dakar -Chad's worst measles outbreak in years will soon spread to all parts of the country as vaccination rates are too low to stop an epidemic that has already hit thousands, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.
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A new study ranks the risks in U.S. counties by the numbers of unvaccinated children and proximity to international airports. But no one predicted the outbreak in Brooklyn.
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[MSF] New York -MSF steps up its measles vaccination and medical response as year-long outbreak increases in intensity
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Family quarrels are usually private things—unless of course, the family is famous. A public spat among boldface names broke out on May 8, when three members of the Kennedy clan published a piece on Politico declaring that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.—son of Bobby Kennedy—has been “tragically wrong” in his years-long crusade against vaccines, a crusade that seems especially irresponsible now as the country suffers through its worst measles outbreak since 1994. Kennedy has become a hero of the anti-vax crowd with his persistent claims that vaccines contain deadly ingredients, particularly a mercury-ba...
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Authors: Arapović J, Sulaver Ž, Rajič B, Pilav A Abstract Measles are a highly contagious and communicable viral disease which may be prevented by a sustained vaccination program. Due to missed vaccination, two major epidemics of measles (1997–1999 and 2014–2015) have been recorded after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) with over 10,000 patients registered. According to the World Health Organization, BH is categorized as a country with endemic transmission of measles. The last measles epidemic was between 2014 and 2015, with 5,083 documented patients in the Federation of BH. In the first four m...
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.. it burns. A few years back I devoted multiple posts to the Upper Class Twit of the Century, delusional moron Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He returns unwelcomed to our consciousness in the midst of the measles epidemic, which as a reader points out iseven more rampant in Europe, particularly Ukraine, than in the U.S. This is a disease which could have been eradicated from the earth, like smallpox, if not for idiots like Kennedy and scammers like Andrew Wakefield.Unfortunately there are people who assign credibility to celebrities, including people whose only claim to fame is their parentage, so Kennedy's anti-vaccine campaign,f...
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WEDNESDAY, May 8, 2019 -- New York's ongoing measles epidemic alarmed midtown Manhattan resident Deb Ivanhoe, who couldn't remember whether she'd ever been vaccinated as a child. So Ivanhoe, 60, sought out her long-time primary care doctor, who...
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