ASAP Antigen Engineering Approaches for Lyme Disease Vaccines

Bioconjugate ChemistryDOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.9b00167
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This study highlights the ability of OspC chimeritopes to serve as vaccinogens that trigger potentially broadly protective Ab responses. In addition to the current use of an OspC chimeritope in a canine LD vaccine, chimeritopes can serve as key components of human LD subunit vaccines. PMID: 31959423 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Abstract Lyme borreliosis is a bacterial infection that can be spread to humans by infected ticks and may severely affect many organs and tissues. Nearly four decades have elapsed since the discovery of the disease agent called Borrelia burgdorferi. Although there is a plethora of knowledge on the infectious agent and thousands of scientific publications, an effective way on how to combat and prevent Lyme borreliosis has not been found yet. There is no vaccine for humans available, and only one active vaccine program in clinical development is currently running. A spirited search for possible disease interventions...
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For now, the only prevention lies in avoiding tick contact but one company, Valneva, is working fervently to develop what they believe will be the world ’s first vaccine against Lyme’s disease.
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Abstract Outer surface protein A (OspA) is a Borrelia lipoprotein and an established Lyme disease vaccine target. Admixing non-lipidated, recombinant B. burgdorferi OspA with liposomes containing cobalt porphyrin-phospholipid (CoPoP) resulted in rapid, particulate surface display of the conformationally intact antigen. Particleization was serum-stable and led to enhanced antigen uptake in murine macrophages in vitro. Mouse immunization using CoPoP liposomes that also contained a synthetic monophosphoryl lipid A (PHAD) elicited a Th1-biased OspA antibody response with higher IgG production compared to other vaccine...
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First ever cases in Britain, says Public Health England Related items fromOnMedica Vaccine linked to earlier onset of seizures in Dravet syndrome Scans show severe brain damage in Zika-affected babies Lyme disease may be three times more common in UK than previously thought Single-dose malaria drug eliminates parasite from liver Common anti-parasitic could be new tool for malaria control
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RK Abstract A total of 143 horses were included in a study to test a commercial vaccine against Lyme borreliosis. The vaccine contained three different antigens (outer surface protein A, OspA) to prevent the infection with spirochetes - B.burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. afzelii and B. garinii. Horses in Group A (49 animals) received two vaccinations on days 0 and 14 and a booster on day 365, whereas 50 horses in Group B received an additional booster vaccination on day 180. Group C (44 animals) was not immunized. Total antibody levels and specific OspA antibody responses were assessed quantitatively and qualitative...
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The first human Lyme vaccine was pulled off the market nearly 20 years ago. A new effort faces lingering suspicions.Undark
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Just over 20 years ago, a Lyme disease vaccine called LYMErix was approved for sale in the United States. Researchers designed the vaccine to prevent the transmission of the tick-borne pathogen Borellia burgdorferi, which spurs a bacterial infection that can cause fever, headaches, and joint pain if left untreated. The...
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Authors: Brodziński S, Nasierowski T Abstract In the second part of the article case reports of three patients were presented. All patientswere treated for Borrelia infection and all of them developed psychotic disorders. History of each patient was different, as well as the probability of causal relationship between neuroborreliosis and psychosis. The first case concerns a female patient with no former psychiatric history, who developed psychotic episode secondary to neuroborreliosis. Psychotic disorders resolved after antibiotic treatment. In the second case, a male patient was previously twice hospitalized in p...
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Listen: Mayo Clinic Radio 8/10/19 On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Dr. Gregory Poland, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases and vaccine expert, gives an update on infectious disease hot topics, including Lyme disease, the ongoing concern about measles, the hope for a universal flu vaccine and new age guidelines for the HPV vaccine. Also on the podcast, Dr. John Lieske explains how kidney stones form and how [...]
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