College student, 19, meets liver donor, 22, who stepped in to save her from life-threatening lupus

Jaelin Highsmith, 22, from Meriden, Connecticut, donated part of his liver to Madison Ricci, 19, from Hamden, whom he never met, after she began suffering end-stage liver failure due to her lupus.
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We report three cases of cutaneous lupus associated with pembrolizumab therapy for advanced melanoma. One patient had a previous diagnosis of histologically proven discoid lupus erythematosus, well-controlled without treatment for over 2 years, which flared on first exposure to pembrolizumab. The remaining two patients had no previous history of autoimmune disease; both developed cutaneous eruptions, histologically and immunohistologically, in keeping with subacute cutaneous lupus following treatment with pembrolizumab. Our report bolsters what is currently an exceedingly small body of evidence documenting the development ...
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This article reviews relationships between mild to moderate essential hypertension and chronic kidney disease with a focus on the role of APOL1 in development of hypertension. Available evidence strongly supports that APOL1 renal-risk variants associate with glomerulosclerosis in African Americans, which then causes secondary hypertension, not with essential hypertension per se.
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In conclusion, our results confirm the effects of belimumab on B cell subpopulations. These can be directly explained by the blockage of soluble BLyS interaction with BLyS-R. On the other hand, the effects on the composition of the T cell compartment are mild, which is not totally unexpected, since the intensity of BLyS-R expression by peripheral T cells is low (Ng et al., 2004). The principal limits of this study include the small sample size, presence of concomitant immunosuppressive therapies and low absolute cell number at baseline. Nevertheless, future studies on larger numbers of patients are needed to evaluate wheth...
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In this study, we firstly tested the effects of QJSB on leucopenia using mice induced by cyclophosphamide. Our results suggested that QJSB significantly raised the number of peripheral white blood cells, platelets and nucleated bone marrow cells. Additionally, it markedly enhanced the cell viability and promoted the colony formation of bone marrow mononuclear cells. Furthermore, it reversed the serum cytokines IL-6 and G-CSF disorders. Then, using transcriptomics datasets and metabonomic datasets, we integrated transcriptomics-based network pharmacology and metabolomics technologies to investigate the mechanism of action o...
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Conclusions In this review, we collected all the information concerning the OMICs studies performed on HS patients aimed at unraveling the mechanisms at the basis of the disease or associated to clinical severity and/or the successful response to pharmacological treatment (including biological drugs). The general picture of the OMICs contribution in the context of HS is not so clear and/or rich of clinical useful information, since most of the studies focused only on one aspect (genome, transcriptome, or proteome) of the disease, enrolling small numbers of patients (this is quite limiting for the genetic studies) from di...
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Conclusion: Some patients with psychiatric syndromes and increased ANA titers may suffer from psychiatric variants of SLE, even if the American College of Rheumatology criteria for SLE are not met. Whether the psychiatric symptoms in our patient represent a prodromal stage with the later manifestation of full-blown SLE or a subtype of SLE with isolated CNS involvement remains unclear. Regardless, early diagnosis and initiation of immunosuppressive treatment are essential steps in preventing further disease progression and organ damage. Intrathecal ANAs with extractable nuclear antigen differentiation may be a more sensitiv...
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Authors: Soni C, Sinha I, Fasnacht MJ, Olsen NJ, Rahman ZSM, Sinha R Abstract Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a debilitating multi-factorial immunological disorder characterized by increased inflammation and development of anti-nuclear autoantibodies. Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element with beneficial anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory immunological functions. In our previous proteomics study, analysis of Se-responsive markers in the circulation of Se-supplemented healthy men showed a significant increase in complement proteins. Additionally, Se supplementation prolonged the life span of lupus prone N...
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Conclusion: Multimodal imaging demonstrates choriocapillaris degeneration in eyes with HCQ retinopathy, particularly those with severe retinopathy. The choroidal change was associated with outer retinal toxicity of HCQ.
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In this study the global expression profiles of primary oral melanomas that metastasised were compared with those of primary tumours that did not metastasise. The objective was to identify genes involved in oral melanoma metastatic progression that may represent targets for therapeutic intervention and biomarkers for prediction of tumour metastasis.
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Fatigue is the most common symptom in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) patients. Many fatigue instruments have been used in SLE, with Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) mostly adopted. However, fatigue instruments...
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