Combining Radiology & Physics in a Single Photograph

"The recent photograph of a black hole captured using various telescopes, complicated algorithms and data from NASA ’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, I was intrigued that how X-rays can be used to see inside our bodies as well as to visualize celestial marvels.  This made me think that how sometimes the things which we don ’t know yet or the things which came into notice accidentally can help unravel so many more mysteries in the future. So, I thought of combining the two most iconic pictures in radiology and physics."Submitted by Aditya Saini, medical student from AIIMS Raipur.Famous Radiology Blog TeleRad Providers at Mail us at
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This study aimed to assess the costs, health status, and medical service satisfaction with Korean and conventional medicine use before and after surgery of patients visiting Korean medicine hospitals for postsurgical musculoskeletal pain. The study population comprised patients who visited KM hospitals for the first time between June and November 2017 for persistent or recurrent pain and discomfort after low back, neck, shoulder, or knee surgery. Various validated questionnaires were used to collect data. A total of 100 participants were enrolled, and the majority had undergone low back surgery (n = 82). The ...
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Conclusion: Anterior arthrodesis can be utilized to treat AHF, but often fail when addressing AHF. All AHF warranted secondary posterior fusions (e.g., C1-C3 two cases; and C1-C4 one case) and a subset may additionally require more extensive anterior fusions (e.g., C2-C4 with corpectomy of C3). PMID: 32257578 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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A US scientist has designed an AI-powered software that scans chest x-rays and searches for markings that indicate the individual has contracted the coronavirus, which is done in just seconds.
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The Advanced Photon Source 1-ID beamline, operating in the 40 – 140   keV X-ray energy range, has successfully employed continuously tunable saw-tooth refractive lenses to routinely deliver beams focused in both one and two dimensions to experiments for over 15 years. The practical experience of implementing such lenses, made of silicon and aluminium, is presented, including their properties, control, alignment, and diagnostic methods, achieving ∼ 1   µ m focusing (vertically). Ongoing development and prospects towards submicrometre focusing at these high energies are also mentioned.
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The design and first results of a large-solid-angle X-ray emission spectrometer that is optimized for energies between 1.5   keV and 5.5   keV are presented. The spectrometer is based on an array of 11 cylindrically bent Johansson crystal analyzers arranged in a non-dispersive Rowland circle geometry. The smallest achievable energy bandwidth is smaller than the core hole lifetime broadening of the absorption edges in this energy range. Energy scanning is achieved using an innovative design, maintaining the Rowland circle conditions for all crystals with only four motor motions. The entire spectrometer is encased in a h...
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An artificial-intelligence tool outperforms radiologists in flagging fractures on imaging and may help get more patients at risk for osteoporosis on appropriate therapy to prevent another fracture.Reuters Health Information
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Just how well does radiography perform in detecting signs of COVID‑19?...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Open-source AI COVID-Net targets COVID-19 on chest x-rays Imaging confirms coronavirus transmits from mother to fetus Radiology has key role to play in the midst of COVID-19 X-ray may be missing COVID-19 cases found with CT X-ray, CT uncover novel coronavirus-infected pneumoniaComments: 4/6/2020 11:13:10 AMFabio R Very interesting the article, I wonder if in an ICU or in a triage a digital mobile x-ray with a maximum of 250 mAs is sufficient, instead favoring the weight and size of a smaller ge...
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An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm developed to help diagnose pneumonia...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: RSNA to build a COVID-19 image repository Open-source AI COVID-Net targets COVID-19 on chest x-rays adds new AI capabilities for COVID-19 AI shows high accuracy for detecting COVID-19 on CT ACR Data Science Institute publishes COVID-19 AI use case
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An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can achieve a promising level of...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Deep learning helps CT better quantify COVID-19 CT severity scores reveal extent of COVID-19 RSNA to build a COVID-19 image repository Open-source AI COVID-Net targets COVID-19 on chest x-rays CT shows COVID-19 disease progression
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This study examined the role of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1a (CDK1A, p21) in response to exogenous stressors during mouse preimplantation embryo development. CDKN1A knockdown (KD) one-cell zygotes were exposed to 39 °C heat stress (HS) for 4 days or irradiated by 1 (1-Gy) or 3 (3-Gy) Gy X-rays, and their developmental competence and gene expression were compared with control embryos. CDKN1A KD and HS did not influence early cleavage or subsequent embryonic development; however, HS delayed cavitation and induced elevated Cdkn1a expression in control embryos. Exposure to 1- or 3-Gy had no effect on deve...
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