O-Antigen Gene Clusters of Plesiomonas shigelloides Serogroups and Its Application in Development of a Molecular Serotyping Scheme

In this study, 12 O-antigen gene clusters of P. shigelloides, O2H1a1c (G5877), O10H41 (G5892), O12H35 (G5890), O23H1a1c (G5263), O25H3 (G5879), O26H1a1c (G5889), O32H37 (G5880), O33H38 (G5881), O34H34 (G5882), O66H3 (G5270), O75H34 (G5885), and O76H39 (G5886), were sequenced and analyzed. The genes that control O-antigen synthesis are present as chromosomal gene clusters that maps between rep and aqpZ, and most of the synthesis and translocation of OPS (O-specific polysaccharide) belongs to Wzx/Wzy pathway with the exception of O12, O25, and O66, which use the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter pathway. Phylogenetic analysis of wzx and wzy show that the wzx and wzy genes are specific to individual O-antigens and can be used as targets in molecular typing. Based on the sequence data, an O-antigen specific suspension array that detects 12 distinct OPS’ has been developed. This is the first report to catalog the genetic features of P. shigelloides O-antigen variations and develop a suspension array for the molecular typing. The method has several advantages over traditional bacteriophage and serum agglutination methods and lays the foundation for easier identification and detection of additional O-antigen in the future. Introduction Plesiomonas shigelloides was first isolated from the feces of a patient for whom no clinical history was available. It was reported to be a motile organism with the major antigen of Shigella sonnei phase I, and originally named Para...
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Conclusions: MSC therapies in the treatment of knee OA are safe and have shown promising results but the available studies are limited. At this time, no definitive recommendations can be made regarding which MSC source to use. Allogeneic MSCs offer theoretical advantages over autologous MSCs, especially in ease of use and consistency of product, but there are concerns regarding cell viability and vitality, as well as the body’s response to nonautologous products. Future clinical trials should focus on randomized head-to-head comparisons of MSC sources as well as the use of multiple injections for patients with knee OA.
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Conclusion. rs11190870 in LBX1, a strong susceptibility SNP for AIS, may also be a susceptibility SNP for ASD. Thus, ASD and AIS may share a common genetic background. Level of Evidence: 4
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Study Design. Retrospective cohort study. Objective. Compare a novel two-step algorithm for indicating a computed tomography angiography (CTA) in the setting of a cervical spine fracture with established gold standard criteria. Summary of Background Data. As CTA permits the rapid detection of blunt cerebrovascular injuries (BCVI), screening criteria for its use have broadened. However, more recent work warns of the potential for the overdiagnosis of BCVI, which must be considered with the adoption of broad criteria. Methods. A novel two-step metric for indicating CTA screening was compared with the American Coll...
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TYPE 1 and type 2 diabetes are two well established conditions that affect a person ’s blood sugar control. But another type of diabetes, type 1.5 diabetes, is beginning to gain traction - what is it, and are you at risk?
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CONCLUSION: Patient, tumor, and bony pelvic anatomical characteristics are not seen to influence laparoscopic total mesorectal excision operative difficulty. Mesorectal area is identified as a risk factor for intraoperative and postoperative morbidity. See Video Abstract at http://links.lww.com/DCR/B35. FACTORES QUE PREDICEN LA DIFICULTAD OPERATIVA DE LA ESCISIÓN MESORRECTAL TOTAL LAPAROSCÓPICA ANTECEDENTES: La escisión mesorrectal total laparoscópica es un procedimiento desafiante. Para obtener resultados óptimos, se requiere cirugía de alta calidad. Se cree que, factores co...
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BACKGROUND: Reconstruction of the pelvic floor defect caused by extralevator abdominoperineal excision poses a challenge for the surgeon. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to analyze the long-term perineal wound complications in patients undergoing conventional primary closure versus biological mesh–assisted repair after extralevator abdominoperineal excision. DESIGN: This was a single-institution retrospective observational study. SETTINGS: The study was conducted at a tertiary academic medical center. PATIENTS: Patients with low advanced rectal cancer undergoing extralevator abdominoperineal excisi...
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CONCLUSIONS: Colorectal surgery resident participation in screening colonoscopy takes longer and appears safe, while achieving all national quality metrics without compromising adenoma detection rates. Changes in colonoscopy scheduling in regard to length of time may prove beneficial when there is resident participation. See Video Abstract at http://links.lww.com/DCR/B43. PARTICIPACIÓN DE LOS RESIDENTES DE CIRUGÍA COLORRECTAL EN COLONOSCOPIAS DE CRIBADO: ¿CÓMO AFECTA LA CALIDAD? ANTECEDENTES: La realización de colonoscopias es un componente integral del entrenamiento de residencia e...
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CONCLUSIONS: Treatment of uncomplicated acute diverticulitis without antibiotics is associated with a significantly shorter hospital stay. There is no significant difference in the percentage of patients requiring additional treatment or intervention to settle in the initial episode, rate of readmission or deferred admission, need for surgical or radiological intervention, recurrence, or complications.
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No abstract available
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Conclusions: The novel CI magnet is safe to use for MRI investigations of CI users in 3T MRI without a need for bandaging and has acceptable level of image artefacts.
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