Plant nitrilase: a new job for an old enzyme

Nitrilases are versatile enzymes that hydrolyze nitriles to carboxylic acids and ammonia, but many members of this family lack defined biological functions. In plants, nitrilases have been associated with detoxification of cyanide-containing compounds and auxin biosynthesis; however, recent work suggests that the chemical versatility of these proteins contributes to metabolite repair. In this issue of the Biochemical Journal, Niehaus et al. demonstrate that the Nit1 nitrilase from Arabidopsis thaliana functions as a metabolite repair enzyme that removes deaminated glutathione from the cytoplasm and plastids.
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In this paper, the first author ’s name was incorrectly tagged.
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AbstractDuring meiosis, DNA double-strand breaks are initiated by the topoisomerase-like enzyme SPO11 and are repaired by inter-sister chromatid and inter-homologue DNA repair pathways. Genome-wide maps of initiating DNA double-strand breaks and inter-homologue repair events are now available for a number of mammalian, fungal and plant species. In mammals, PRDM9 specifies the location of meiotic recombination initiation via recognition of specific DNA sequence motifs by its C2H2 zinc finger array. In fungi and plants, meiotic recombination appears to be initiated less discriminately in accessible chromatin, including at ge...
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This study designed a novel microcurrent dressing (MCD) and evaluated its potential effects on wound healing in a rat skin defect model.MethodsFirst, wireless ES was integrated into a medical cotton cushion to fabricate the MCD, and its electrical property was examined by using a universal power meter. Then, animal experiments were conducted to evaluate the MCD ’s effect. Forty-five rats were randomized into control (Con) group, Vaseline gauze (VG) group and MCD group. A full-thickness round skin incision 1.5 cm in diameter was made on the back of each animal. Apart from routine disinfection, the Con rats were...
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Discussions about your goals can also act as a starting point for you and your spouse to work from. It can break down the monumental task of repairing your marriage into bite-size pieces. Or it can give you the information needed to decide to part ways. 4. Both of You Need to Be Willing to Change. Both partners in an unhappy marriage need to be willing to say, “Yes, you can save an unhappy marriage.” You both need to want to do the hard work necessary to repair the relationship. And make no mistake — it can be emotional, hard work. After all, it feels vulnerable to own up to your own faults and insecuriti...
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Condition:   Meningomyelocele Intervention:   Procedure: Fetal surgery for MMC repair Sponsors:   University Children's Hospital, Zurich;   University of Zurich;   Psychiatric University Hospital, Zurich Recruiting
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Splenic artery aneurysms (SAAs) are the most common form of visceral artery aneurysm. Indications for treatment of asymptomatic SAAs usually include diameter>20  mm or rapid enlargement. SAA treatment has evolved from open surgical repair, with or without splenectomy, to endovascular management. Endovascular management, including SAA embolization and SAA exclusion, has thus gained widespread acceptance, essentially because of its high technical success rat es along with its significant improvements in morbidity and mortality compared with open surgical repair.
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