NIHR Signal: Does an antibacterial milk protein reduce infection in premature babies?

Expert commentary is provided for an RCT (n=2,203) which found no difference in microbiologically or clinically suspected late-onset bloodstream infection for lactoferrin vs control. This indicates that there is no role for lactoferrin in preventing infection.
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This study was hypothesis-driven; the genetic variants were selected for being previously and substantially genotyped. The big sample size and the rich panel of other biomarkers allowed the authors to conduct much more detailed analyses on this topic. The third article by Provenzi et al. proposed their perspectives on the role of telomeres in premature birth and discussed the potential implications for early adversity and care in the neonatal intensive care unit (Pavanello et al.). Indeed, the speculation of telomeres in aging begins in the premature aging syndrome. It is thus interesting to examine if telomeres also play...
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A major part of the Affordable Care Act -- the expansion of the Medicaid program -- may play a role in shrinking the gap in premature birth and low birth weight between black and white infants born in the United States, according to a new study.
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Authors: Lokuhetty D, Al Bahari M Abstract Placental chorangioma is a rare, benign, placental neoplasm associated with a myriad foetomaternal and neonatal complications. Voluminous chorangiomas have frequent complications and adverse outcomes. The successful outcome of a pregnancy complicated by a voluminous chorangioma is reported herein, with the literature review. Chorangiomas mostly occur in primiparous women over 30years of age, complicated by polyhydramnios, placenta praevia, ante-partum haemorrahage, premature separation of membranes, premature labour, toxaemia of pregnancy, hydrops foetalis and midterm intr...
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Abstract The placenta is vital for fetal growth, and compromised function is associated with abnormal development, especially of the brain. Linking placental function to brain development is a new field we have dubbed neuroplacentology. Approximately 380,000 infants in the United States each year abruptly lose placental support upon premature birth, and more than 10% of pregnancies are affected by more insidious placental dysfunction such as preeclampsia or infection. Abnormal fetal brain development or injury can lead to life-long neurological impairments, including psychiatric disorders. The majority of research...
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Abstract Objective: The present study assessed epidemiological and obstetrical data from pregnant women with syphilis at the Hospital de Cl ínicas of the Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro (UFTM, in the Portuguese acronym), describing this disease during pregnancy and its vertical transmission for future healthcare actions. Methods: Records from pregnant women who had been admitted to the Obstetrics Department of the Hospital de Clínicas of the UFTM and were diagnosed with syphilis between 2007 and 2016 were reviewed. A standardized form was used to collect epidemiological, obstetric data and out...
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Conclusion: PTIs had a higher prevalence of bronchiolitis, recurrent wheezing and asthma; risk factors for asthma are the following: older siblings, allergic father, atopic dermatitis and antibiotic treatment in the first 3  years of life and prematurity itself, which also acted as protective factor for atopic dermatitis.What is known:• In recent decades, there has been a significant increase in the birth of premature babies and consequently, also in the pathologies secondary to the prematurity: a greater number of complications and disorders related to the development and maturation of many organs and systems, e...
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This study is complemented by another report that found that hRSV infection induces significant expression of three miRNAs, namely hsa-miR-4448, hsa-miR-30a-5p, and hsa-miR-4634 in human DCs (104). Interestingly, this latter study also performed comparative analyses of miRNA profiles between DCs infected with hRSV and a related virus, namely the human metapneumovirus, and found that both viruses induced the expression of elevated levels of hsa-miR-4634. Elucidating the contribution of these miRNAs in DCs in response to hRSV remains to be determined. Dendritic Cell Phenotype and Migration Upon hRSV Infection in vivo Altho...
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Abstract Rubella is generally a mild and self-limited disease in children. During pregnancy, rubella can have potentially devastating effects on the developing fetus. Postnatal rubella is transmitted primarily by inhalation of virus-laden airborne droplets or direct contact with infected nasopharyngeal secretions. In susceptible pregnant women, the virus may cross the placenta and spread through the vascular system of the developing fetus. Postnatally acquired rubella typically begins with fever and lymphadenopathy, followed by an erythematous, maculopapular rash. The rash classically begins on the face, spreads c...
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Delivery by caesarean is associated with a higher risk of severe complications than vaginal delivery Related items fromOnMedica Tripling of severe perineal tears in birth Cervical suture thread thickness linked to premature birth and womb death risk Women prefer surgery for late termination Target rates for caesareans may be too low NHS funding boost to support new mothers ’ mental health
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[Monitor] Ms Jane Atukunda, 30, is a resident of Kibuli, Makindye Division, in Kampala. On January 7, Ms Atukunda received early birth pangs. This evoked consternation, anguish and pain as she had a history of giving birth to a premature baby.
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