A platform for patient positioning and motion monitoring in ocular proton therapy with a non-dedicated beamline

Ocular proton therapy (OPT) is considered the elective treatment for different kinds of highly malignant intraocular tumor. Uveal, iris and conjunctival melanomas, ocular hemangioma and retinoblastomas are amongst the lesions typically treated with OPT, particularly if target thickness prevents the applicability of other treatment modalities such as brachytherapy [1 –4]. A remarkable local control rate (well over 90%) was reported over the years by several institutions with over 28.000 patients treated worldwide [1,5,6], even though concomitant counter-effects, such as radiation induced damage to the lacrimal gland, glaucoma and iris rubeosis were described [ 7].
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Publication date: January 2021Source: Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Volume 63Author(s): Sumaiya Pathan, Preetham Kumar, Radhika M. Pai, Sulatha V. Bhandary
Source: Biomedical Signal Processing and Control - Category: Biomedical Science Source Type: research
To summarize the clinical features and survival of Chinese patients with trilateral retinoblastoma (TRb), which may help guide early diagnosis and more effective treatments.
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This study aims to assess scleral and conjunctival thickness using optical coherence tomography after ultrasound ciliary plasty (UCP) procedure with reference to scleral marks appearing in the area where the ultrasound energy was applied. Materials and Methods: Seventy-eight patients with primary and secondary refractory glaucoma participated in this study. Complete ophthalmic examinations including measurements of scleral and conjunctival thickness were performed preoperatively and at 1 week, and 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months postoperatively. The parameters were determined using the Swept Source OCT with anterior att...
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Uveal melanoma (UM) is the commonest primary intraocular malignancy in adults. There is limited published data on lipid production in UM. Here, we describe the clinical, histological, immunohistochemical, and molecular findings in a ciliochoroidal melanoma with lipid production and expression of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. This case highlights an unusual UM tumour phenotype with a high-risk molecular metastatic profile and discusses tumour lipogenesis and activation of the mevalonate pathway as a potential therapeutic target in managing lipidised ciliochoroidal UM.Ocul Oncol Pathol
Source: Ocular Oncology and Pathology - Category: Opthalmology Source Type: research
Authors: Testa V, Ferro Desideri L, Della Giustina P, Traverso CE, Iester M Abstract Ripasudil (K-115) is a novel Rho-associated protein kinase (ROCK) inhibitor. The Rho-ROCK pathway regulates key downstream effectors involved in many cellular functions, in particular in the actin cytoskeleton activity. The clinical effects of ripasudil expected on the eye include an intraocular pressure-lowering effect and a wound-healing activity on corneal endothelial cells, but many other functions are currently under investigation. To date, ripasudil has been approved in Japan (2014) for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hy...
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ConclusionsRibociclib administered following radiotherapy is feasible in DIPG and DMG. Increased tumor necrosis may represent a treatment effect. These data warrant further prospective volumetric analyses of tumors with necrosis. Feasibility and stabilization findings support further investigation of ribociclib in combination therapies.Trial registrationNCT02607124.
Source: Journal of Neuro-Oncology - Category: Cancer & Oncology Source Type: research
To describe “neonatal-onset congenital ectropion uveae (N-CEU)” as a distinct clinical entity of newborn glaucoma (NG), and study its significance towards the severity and outcome of NG.
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mande Jin-Xiong She Molecular biomarkers that can predict survival and therapeutic outcome are still lacking for cervical cancer. Here we measured a panel of 19 serum proteins in sera from 565 patients with stage II or III cervical cancer and identified 10 proteins that have an impact on disease specific survival (DSS) (Hazzard’s ratio; HR = 1.51–2.1). Surprisingly, all ten proteins are implicated in senescence-associated secreted phenotype (SASP), a hallmark of cellular senescence. Machine learning using Ridge regression of these SASP proteins can robustly stratify patients with high SASP, which ...
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Previous studies demonstrated that retinal damage correlates with a massive remodeling of extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules and reactive gliosis. However, the functional significance of the ECM in retinal neurodegeneration is still unknown. In the present study, we used an intraocular pressure (IOP) independent experimental autoimmune glaucoma (EAG) mouse model to examine the role of the ECM glycoprotein tenascin-C (Tnc). Wild type (WT ONA) and Tnc knockout (KO ONA) mice were immunized with an optic nerve antigen (ONA) homogenate and control groups (CO) obtained sodium chloride (WT CO, KO CO). IOP was measured weekly an...
Source: Frontiers in Immunology - Category: Allergy & Immunology Source Type: research
AbstractTo evaluate feasibility, frequency and severity of peri-procedural complications and post-procedural adverse events (AEs) in patients with advanced cholangiocarcinoma or liver metastasis of uveal melanoma and prior hemihepatectomy undergoing chemosaturation percutaneous hepatic perfusion (CS-PHP) and to analyze therapy response and overall survival compared to a matched group without prior surgery. CS-PHP performed between 10/2014 and 02/2018 were retrospectively assessed. To determine peri-procedural safety and post-procedural adverse events, hospital records and hematological, hepatic and biliary function were ca...
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