Statement On The Report Of The Commission Of Inquiry On The 2018 Gaza Protests

This report was shared with the Commission of Inquiry. In this report, Doctors of the World observes that Palestinian health NGOs face unprecedented levels of violence against its personnel, structures and ambulances. These attacks and the death of their colleagues have also left strong psychological scars. Beyond the atrocious violations of international law, the impact of these violations is difficult to quantify or measure through the untold stories of those who died or suffer serious life-long consequences because those who were supposed to help were killed or incapacitated. Doctors of the World takes thus this opportunity to remind all actors that attacks on healthcare workers, structures and ambulances should never occur: neither in times of peace nor in times of war. They represent serious violations of IHL and IHRL. Doctors of the World thanks again the CoI for its report and recommends the Human Rights Council and its members to: Condemn all attacks against healthcare personnel, structures and ambulances, and to promote awareness on the importance of their protection. Ensure all violations against healthcare are investigated and hold all perpetrators accountable for the unlawful use of force. Guarantee that all healthcare services and personnel are protected. Remind Israel of its obligation as an occupying force to ensure that the Palestinian population has access to proper medical services and that any obstruction to this right represents a violation of IHL; ...
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ConclusionSurgical treatment of VO patients leads to significantly improved QoL. Nevertheless, QoL levels were below those of the general population. Our results underscore that spine disability questionnaires measuring QoL are mandatory to demonstrate comprehensively the severity of this entity. Our study confirms a high mortality and points out the role of VO as a potentially life-threatening condition.
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Drug Res (Stuttg) DOI: 10.1055/a-1150-2372Surgical activity is increasing in the treatment of many types of fractures, the use of various metal structures, and the potential for infection with the development of osteomyelitis accordingly increases. The urgency of the problem is due to the fact that this disease is the most expensive medical problem, especially when it comes to prosthetics of large joints, with socially significant losses and the occurrence of disability in patients of working age, it requires long-term treatment. The aim of this study was to study one of the most complex ...
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This article discusses the efficient and effective evaluation, management, and treatment of patients with neck and back pain in the ED. Emphasis is placed on vertebral osteomyelitis, epidural abscess, acute transverse myelitis, epidural compression syndrome, spinal malignancy, and spinal stenosis. PMID: 31757249 [PubMed - in process]
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This article discusses the efficient and effective evaluation, management, and treatment of patients with neck and back pain in the ED. Emphasis is placed on vertebral osteomyelitis, epidural abscess, acute transverse myelitis, epidural compression syndrome, spinal malignancy, and spinal stenosis.
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Osteomyelitis is a common complication after bone fracture and can be difficult to treat successfully in trauma surgery [1]. It is one of the most challenging musculoskeletal complications in orthopaedic trauma surgery [2]. Factors associated with uncontrollable infection and a high recurrence rate include bacterial virulence and host autoimmunity [3,4]. Previous research found that the overall cure rate of osteomyelitis was 65.5% to 95% [5,6,7] and there was a high incidence of disability and other complications.
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This study was a retrospective cohort study using the Siriraj Hospital database from 2005 to 2017. Enrolled were all patients aged 15 or older who had an MSK infection with NTM identified in synovial fluid, pus, or tissue by an acid-fast bacilli stain, culture, or polymerase chain reaction. Of 1529 cases who were diagnosed with NTM infections, 39 (2.6%) had an MSK infection. However, only 28 patients met our inclusion criteria. Their mean age (SD) was 54.1 (16.1) years, and half were male. Of this cohort, 25% had previous musculoskeletal trauma, 18% prior bone and joint surgery, 14% prosthetic joint replacement, and 11% HI...
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b F Abstract OBJECTIVE: Anatomic reduction and stabile fixation for immediate mobilisation and restoration of unrestricted function. INDICATIONS: Instabile metacarpal fractures with or without malrotation, dislocated metacarpal fractures with malrotation or finger extension deficit, longitudinally shortened metacarpal fractures with finger extension deficit. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Persistent infections (empyema, osteomyelitis, phlegmon) SURGICAL TECHNIQUE: Longitudinal intermetacarpal incision along the fracture zone, debridement of the fracture zone with retainment of periost, anatomic reduction and retenti...
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Publication date: Available online 5 June 2019Source: The Journal of Foot and Ankle SurgeryAuthor(s): Ashim Wadehra, Steven Douthett, Lawrence M. FallatAbstractSevere limb deformity can create a major disability, which can ultimately lead to a nonambulatory lifestyle. Limb deformities created by open fractures not only put a patient at risk for a nonfunctional lifestyle but also may lead to gross contamination and osteomyelitis of the osseous structures. At times, these deformities require amputation for better functionality. It is our belief, however, that an attempt at limb salvage should always be considered. When encou...
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CONCLUSIONS: The current study demonstrated good results of the PRTS for unstable intra-articular fractures of the PIP joint. Furthermore, satisfactory results were obtained in cases of an incomplete amputation at the PIP joint, a pathological fracture due to bone tumor, and an osteochondral defect due to comminuted fracture of the proximal phalangeal head, where costal osteochondral bone was transplanted. From this study, the PRTS is recommended as a useful treatment because it is widely effective for various unstable fractures of the PIP joint. PMID: 30987517 [PubMed - in process]
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CONCLUSIONSThis series of the first 100 patients to undergo awake endoscopic MIS-TLIF demonstrates outcomes comparable to those reported in our earlier papers. This procedure can provide a safe and efficacious option for lumbar fusion with less morbidity than open surgery. Further refinements in surgical technique and technologies will allow for improved success. PMID: 30933915 [PubMed - in process]
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