Seroprevalence of hantavirus and Borrelia burgdorferi in D üzce (Turkey) forest villages and the relationship with sociodemographic features

Conclusion: This study was the first to determine the frequency of hantavirus in the study region and it includes current data for B. burgdorferi. Consequently, it is recommended that similar studies be carried out on rodents in all the regions at risk. PMID: 30862151 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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LYME disease is a bacterial infection that is passed on to humans by infected ticks. High-risk areas include grassy and wooded areas, making that leisurely stroll not seem so idyllic any more. Look for a sign on your knee that you may be needing a visit to your doctors pronto.
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Conclusion: Along with growing number of CL users, CLAMK constitutes an important problem with possibly worse visual outcomes. Thus, in addition to meticulous treatment, management of risk factors and behavioral modifications is crucial.
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This study aimed to characterize the molecular prevalence of Babesia species within small and medium sized mammals at two sites in East Texas with an emphasis on detection of pathogen presence in these two contrasting wild mammal groups at these sites. To that end, a total of 480 wild mammals representing eight genera were trapped, sampled, and screened for Babesia species using the TickPath layerplex qPCR assay. Two sites were selected for animal collection, including The Big Thicket National Preserve and Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area. Molecular analysis revealed the prevalence of various Babesia species at 9.43% ...
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ConclusionsThe results show that one in ten older adults with T2DM are overtreated while one in four require modification of their current antihyperglycemic and antihypertensive treatments. Physicians are eager to intensify medications while they largely ignore deintensification in diabetes management. These results warrant enforced measures to improve the care of older adults with T2DM.Trial identifier, NCT 03455101.Plain Language SummaryPlain language summary is available for this article.
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AbstractThe prevalence of loneliness among Turkish –Dutch and Moroccan–Dutch older adults is higher than among Dutch older adults of non-migrant origin. Three explanations may account for this difference: (1) differential item functioning might result in scores that vary in intensity and in meaning across categories; (2) the position of migrants is much more vulnerable than that of non-migrants; (3) the lack of protective factors has more severe consequences for older migrants. The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam interviewed 176 persons born in Morocco and 235 born in Turkey, aged 55–66 and living in u...
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ConclusionPenile necrosis is a preventable complication that requires early intervention. The current study will be helpful in preventing penile necrosis and in guiding surgeons in approaches following its occurrence.
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AbstractMarginal zone lymphomas (MZLs) are rare and indolent subtypes of non-Hodgkin lymphomas, and their clinical behaviours are heterogeneous. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical and prognostic characteristics of MZL. In this multicentre retrospective study, we analyzed demographical, clinical and prognostic features of 64 MZL patients. The median age was 54.0 and 78.1% of the patients had extra-nodal disease at presentation. Most of the patients were treated with chemotherapy. The 5  years and 10 years overall survival (OS) rates were 74.5% and 62.1%, respectively. The analysis of factors associ...
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The objective of the meeting was focused upon snowballing efforts towards achieving substantial progress in rabies prevention, control and elimination within Asia by 2030, and thereby to safeguard the Pacific region. Individual sessions focused upon domestic animal, wildlife and human vaccination; the production and evaluation of quality, safety and efficacy of existing rabies biologics; and the future development of new products. Participants reviewed the progress to date in eliminating canine rabies by mass vaccination, described supportive methods to parenteral administration by oral vaccine application, considered upda...
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The field of Alzheimer's disease research is in the midst of a slow-moving and consequential debate over the role of infection in the development of the condition. The fundamental question is this: in the absence of genetic variants that raise risk, why do only some people progress to full blown Alzheimer's disease? The presence - in only some people - of sufficient degrees of persistent infection is one possible answer to that question. Candidates include herpesviruses, oral bacteria such as P. gingivalis, lyme disease spirochetes, and others. Alzheimer's is a condition characterized by amyloid-β aggregation i...
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We present a 20-year-old male patient who presented himself after a car accident, and was diagnosed with a rupture of traumatic hydatid cysts due to hives rash. In the operation, a scolicidal gent was administered to the cyst, the cyst wall was partially excised and the germinative membranes were removed. Medical treatment with albendazole was started. The postoperative period was quiet. The intraperitoneal traumatic rupture of a hydatid cyst is rare, but it can cause severe anaphylactic reactions and biliary peritonitis. Although a rare and broken hydatid cyst due to trauma may present with skin lesions in a patient in an...
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