Wright Medical closes rights agreement for BioMimetics buyout

Wright Medical (NSDQ:WMGI) said yesterday that it closed a contingent value rights agreement connected to its acquisition of BioMimetic Therapeutics. Wright agreed to pay $380 million in cash, stock and milestone payments to pick up BioMimetic and its Augment bone graft back in 2013. The FDA cleared the bone graft with indications as an alternative autograft for ankle and hindfoot fusion procedures in September 2015. The Amsterdam-based company said that the agreement, dated March 1, 2013 between it and American Stock Transfer &Trust, is terminated effective March 1, according to a press release. The Augment bone graft uses a combination of a bone-growth stimulator called recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor and beta-tricalcium phosphate, which is designed to form a scaffold for new bone growth. Last June, Wright Medical won FDA premarket approval for an injectable version of the Augment bone graft. The post Wright Medical closes rights agreement for BioMimetics buyout appeared first on MassDevice.
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Large bone reconstruction is a major clinical issue associated with several challenges, and autograft is the main method for reconstructing large defects of maxillofacial bone. However, postoperative osteoporosis of the bone graft, even with sufficient vascularization, remains a primary problem. Therefore, better understanding of the mechanisms and clinical translation of bone homeostasis is required. Neuronal innervation of the bone is an emerging research topic, especially with regards to the role of peripheral nerves in regulating bone homeostasis. Moreover, sensory and autonomic nerves regulate this process via differe...
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Conclusion: We used publicly available datasets to create a gene signature of AR that identified AR irrespective of immunosuppression regimen or recipient age. This study highlights a novel model to screen and validate biomarkers across multiple treatment regimens.
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Conclusion: These findings suggest that Tubastatin A downregulates Th17 cell function and suppresses acute lung allograft rejection, at least partially, via the HIF-1α/ RORγt pathway.
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Conclusions: JP1 was developed as a novel peptide that indicated therapeutic roles on proliferation and metastasis of melanoma through the NEDD4L-SP1-Integrin αvβ3 signaling.
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EFFECT OF SUN EXPOSURE DURATION ON CYCLOOXYGENASE-2 EXPRESSION IN THE CONJUNCTIVA. Acta Clin Croat. 2019 Dec;58(4):639-646 Authors: Reisz Majić P, Cerovski B, Majić P, Krković I, Barać J, Bradvica Štenc I Abstract Pterygium is a multifactorial proliferative pathologic change of bulbar conjunctiva. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the duration of exposure to solar radiation (expressed in years) on the incidence of positive cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) finding in conjunctival tissue in two groups of patients. Group 1 consisted of 68 patients with primary pterygium having un...
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AbstractPurposeThe purpose of this study was to compare the clinical outcomes of ST4 with those of STGs with a minimum follow-up of 3  years. The hypothesis was that functional outcomes of the ST4 technique are at least as good as those of the STG technique.Study designCohort study. Level of evidence, 3MethodsEighty-seven consecutive patients underwent isolated ACL reconstruction, 50 with the ST4 and 37 with STG. At the femoral side for both groups, the system of the fixation of the graft used a cortical fixation support and at the tibial side the group STG used an interference screw and the ST4 group used a tape lock...
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Conclusion. The results of this noninferiority trial support the use of AttraX® Putty as a standalone bone graft substitute for autograft in instrumented thoracolumbar PLF. Level of Evidence: 1
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Authors: Carvalho CR, Reis RL, Oliveira JM Abstract A body of evidence indicates that peripheral nerves have an extraordinary yet limited capacity to regenerate after an injury. Peripheral nerve injuries have confounded professionals in this field, from neuroscientists to neurologists, plastic surgeons, and the scientific community. Despite all the efforts, full functional recovery is still seldom. The inadequate results attained with the "gold standard" autograft procedure still encourage a dynamic and energetic research around the world for establishing good performing tissue-engineered alternative graf...
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