Feasibility of approximate measurement of bladder volume in male patients using the Lilium α‐200 portable ultrasound bladder scanner

This study examined the accuracy of a new portable ultrasound bladder scanner, the Lilium α‐200 (Lilium Otsuka, Kanagawa, Japan), by evaluating the correlation between bladder volumes periodically measured by the Lilium α‐200 and instilled volume during video‐urodynamic studies (V‐UDS).MethodsUsing the Lilium α‐200, fluid volume was measured prospectively in the bladders of patients with lower urinary tract dysfunction during V‐UDS. This was done both immediately after micturition (for assessment of post‐void residual [PVR] volume) and at 1‐minute intervals during filling cystometry with patient s in the supine position. These measurements were then compared with the PVR volume obtained directly by catheter drainage and instilled volume during cystometry using pairedt tests and Spearman's rank correlation.ResultsFifteen male patients (median age 70.5 years; range 18 ‐84 years) were included in the study. The PVR volume measured by the Lilium α‐200 was strongly correlated with that obtained by catheter drainage (r = 0.94;P
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Conclusions: Lung ultrasound is a reproducible, sensitive, and specific tool, which allows for bedside detections of the morphologic patterns in acute respiratory distress syndrome. The presence of deep lung alterations may impact the diagnostic performance of this technique.
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Purpose of review The purpose of this review is to review the past year's literature to provide comprehensive information to researchers, physicians, and the general public regarding the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs). Common ground as well as divergent viewpoints will be highlighted and discussed. Recent findings The diagnosis of GISTs may involve imaging tests such as computed tomorgraphy scan and MRI, endoscopy with or without endoscopic ultrasound, and biopsy. Only biopsy, however, can yield a positive diagnosis. As most GISTs express KIT protein, immunostaining f...
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ConclusionsGiven the clear advantages of cervical diagnosis in terms of invasiveness and economy compared to mediastinal alternatives, it is suggested that where the expertise for core biopsy of normal sized cervical lymph nodes is readily available, the technique may be considered as a first line investigation for the diagnosis of sarcoidosis.
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Often an IVF cycle goes perfectly , and the doctor is happy with the medical process. He has transferred a top quality blastocyst; the transfer was smooth; and the endometrium was 8 mm and trilaminar.However, even though everything seems to be perfect, the IVF cycle may still fail.Patients then feel cheated and upset ! After all, if the cycle was perfect and the doctor was so happy and hopeful, then why didn't it work?What they forget is that when we call a cycle perfect, we only refer to the medical tangibles which we can measure. Our technology is still not good enough to allow us to assess all the hundreds of ...
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Publication date: January 2020Source: LWT, Volume 118Author(s): Yuanyuan Pan, Yan Zhang, Jun-Hu Cheng, Da-Wen SunAbstractEffects of ultrasound pretreatments and dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) cold plasma on the inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes (L. monocytogenes) under various growth temperatures were investigated, and membrane fatty acid profiles of L. monocytogenes were also determined. Fatty acids anteiso-C15:0, anteiso-C17:0 and C15:0 were the most abundant fatty acids at any given growth temperature (10, 25, 37 and 42 °C). Principal components analysis (PCA) and redundancy analysis (RDA) displayed that ...
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This article proposes a surgical tip to help locate the position of metalwork just before the operation using an ultrasound machine and methylene blue dye.The technique involves using the ultrasound machine to locate the position of metalwork and marking the tract by injection of methylene blue dye just before prepping and draping the skin. This allows the operation to be performed through a smaller wound with less trauma to the soft tissues and avoids radiation exposure to the patient and theatre personnel. Our experience in a case series of 5 patients have found this a useful technique for removing threaded wires fo...
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CONCLUSION: The present study has demonstrated the postexercise fatigue in overhead athletes. The increase of stiffness (reduction of muscle creep) and tendon thickness (simultaneous to the reduction of AHD) may indicate rotator cuff overloading as a primary intrinsic tendon pathology process. PMID: 31593927 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusions: These results suggest the complementary use of AFP and US to improve the effectiveness of HCC surveillance in patients with cirrhosis. PMID: 31593481 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Scand J Gastroenterol Source Type: research
k M Abstract Multiwalled carbon nanotube/Cu2O-CuO ball like hybrid material (MWCNTs/Cu2O-CuO) synthesized using of a green hydrothermal process was evaluated as a new sorbent for solid phase extraction of uranium with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). According to our best knowledge, this new material was synthesized and used as solid phase extraction adsorbent for the first time in the literature. The characterization of new hybrid material was carried out using Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electronic microscopy techniques (SEM, SEM-EDX and SEM-Mapping). The charac...
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ConclusionsRRI modification appears to be more precocious than any other hemodynamic, microcirculatory and metabolic parameter routinely used. RRI has been widely used to assess renal function in critically ill patients; now, we presume that RRI could represent a common and useful tool to manage target therapy in critical condition.
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