Advances in diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics for Nipah virus

Publication date: Available online 26 February 2019Source: Microbes and InfectionAuthor(s): Nazia Thakur, Dalan BaileyAbstractNipah virus is an emerging zoonotic paramyxovirus that causes severe and often fatal respiratory and neurological disease in humans. The virus was first discovered after an outbreak of encephalitis in pig farmers in Malaysia and Singapore with subsequent outbreaks in Bangladesh or India occurring almost annually. Due to the highly pathogenic nature of NiV, its pandemic potential, and the lack of licensed vaccines or therapeutics, there is a requirement for research and development into highly sensitive and specific diagnostic tools as well as antivirals and vaccines to help prevent and control future outbreak situations.
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Humboldt County has a pertussis vaccination rate of more than 90 percent, but health officials are urging anyone who has not received the booster vaccination to get it immediately.
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AbstractAims/hypothesisThe aim of this study was to investigate the concordance of dysglycaemia (prediabetes or diabetes) and cardiometabolic traits between women with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and their spouses.MethodsUsing hospital medical records, women with GDM (diagnosed between 2012 and 2016) and their spouses were invited to participate in the study and to attend a scheduled hospital visit in a fasting state. Sociodemographic, anthropometric and medical data were collected, and a 75  g OGTT with serum insulin estimation, HbA1c measurement and fasting lipid profile were performed at the vi...
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Conclusions/interpretationDespite modest changes for adiposity, lifestyle modification interventions in high-risk South Asian populations resulted in a clinically important 35% relative reduction in diabetes incidence, consistent across subgroups. If implemented on a large scale, lifestyle modification interventions in high-risk South Asian populations in Europe would reduce the incidence of diabetes in these populations.
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From September, vaccination against the human papilloma virus (HPV) is to be extended to boys in Year 8, aged 12-13, (it has been part of the vaccination programme for girls since 2008).
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This study for the first time enlisted ticks infesting diverse hosts including human in various regions of KP. A total of 8,641 ticks were collected across north, south and central regions of KP and were morpho-taxonomically categorized into six genera comprising 18 species, R. microplus (n=3,584, 42%), Hyalomma anatolicum (n=2,253, 27%), Argas persicus (n= 1,342, 16%), Hya. impeltatum (n=586, 7%), R. turanicus (n=161, 2%), R. haemaphysaloides (n= 142, 2%), R. annulatus (n=132, 2%), Hae. montgomeryi (n= 123, 1.4%), Hya. marginatum (n=110, 1.3%), R. sanguineus (n=34, 0.4%) and Hae. longicornis (n=31, 0.4%). Ticks infesting ...
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Bile salt hydrolase (BSH) activity, hypo-cholesterolemic effect and probiotic properties have been reported for Enterococcus strains isolated from animal- and human-gut and, fermented foods but not for strains isolated from environmental niches, like aquatic and terrestrial plants, soil and water. The present study is the first report on isolation of Enterococcus faecium from rhizospheric soils which harbor bsh gene, remove cholesterol in-vitro and possess essential and desirable probiotic attributes. Fifteen samples were collected from different sites located in northern, southern and central regions of India, of which fi...
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This study also investigated the genomic environment of resistance genes on mobile genetic elements and chromosomal DNA. An ampicillin and streptomycin resistant S. Infantis isolate in this study harbored a β-lactamase (blaTEM-1), and two streptomycin resistance conferring genes (strA and strB) on a class 1 integron mobilized on a large conjugative plasmid. This plasmid also harbored two arsenic resistance gene cassettes. The arsenic resistance cassette, arsRCDAB, was also observed in two S. Singapore isolates with high tolerance to arsenate. A nalidixic acid resistant S. Typhimurium isolate was found to possess a mut...
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Archaeal community structure and potential functions within the deep, aphotic, oligotrophic, hot, igneous province of ~65 Myr old basalt and its Archean granitic basement was explored through archaeal 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing from extracted environmental DNA of rocks. Rock core samples from three distinct horizons, basaltic (BS), transition (weathered granites) (TZ) and granitic (GR) showed limited organic carbon (4–48 mg/kg) and varied concentrations (
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Globally, vaccination coverage with three doses of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis and one dose of the measles vaccine has stalled.
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Deadly,  attacks on health workers in Ebola-hit areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), including one at the weekend that left two dead, are an indication that combating the disease outbreak will require far greater international support, UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said on Mon day. 
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