The prevalence and severity of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) among female dental students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

ConclusionOur results showed that anxiety is highly related to TMD and we concluded that 62.8% of female dental students has anxiety of different levels.
Source: The Saudi Dental Journal - Category: Dentistry Source Type: research

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CONCLUSION: Seniors use mobile phones for healthcare purposes in their daily life, and its use involves several facilitators and barriers. Interpersonal training is likely to reduce their anxiety and increase mHealth literacy and adoption. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed. PMID: 32484720 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Informatics for Health and Social Care - Category: Information Technology Tags: Inform Health Soc Care Source Type: research
Objectives: A previous pilot study demonstrated that various fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) of ibuprofen (IBU) and acetaminophen (APAP) provided analgesic efficacy comparable to a higher dose of IBU, with the same safety profile. These studies further evaluated the chosen FDC IBU/APAP 250/500 mg formulation. Materials and Methods: Two phase 3 dental pain studies enrolled healthy young patients with ≥moderate pain after ≥3 third molar extractions who received single-dose FDC IBU/APAP 250/500 mg, IBU 250 mg, APAP 650 mg, or placebo evaluated over 12 hours (study 1) or multiple-dose FDC ...
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Discussion: Recovery is a multidimensional and complex construct. In addition to pain intensity and disability, measurement and conceptualization of recovery should focus on emotional well-being, self-perception, and the cultural values and beliefs of the individual. A positive therapeutic relationship, with attention to psychological and social influences, appears to be important in facilitating recovery and well-being.
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This study aimed to develop a method that objectively measures the clinical benefits of ketamine infusions to treat complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), thus making it possible, for the first time, to determine the optimal dosing of ketamine and duration of treatment to treat CRPS. Materials and Methods: All patients were diagnosed with hyperalgesia associated with CRPS. Patients underwent an outpatient, 4-day, escalating dose ketamine infusion. Hyperalgesia was measured using pain thresholds. Clinical outcome was determined without knowledge of the patient’s pain thresholds throughout treatment. Results: We ...
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Discussion: The current study confirmed that individuals preparing a movement attended more toward somatosensory stimuli at the lower back when anticipating back pain during the movement, as measured by the N96 SEP. However, no differences were found between participants with chronic low back pain or recurrent low back pain, or the pain-free controls.
Source: The Clinical Journal of Pain - Category: Anesthesiology Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research
Abstract BACKGROUND: This is an update of the original Cochrane review first published in Issue 1, 2003, and previously updated in 2009, 2012 and 2014. Chronic pain, defined as pain that recurs or persists for more than three months, is common in childhood. Chronic pain can affect nearly every aspect of daily life and is associated with disability, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this review was to update the published evidence on the efficacy of psychological treatments for chronic and recurrent pain in children and adolescents.The primary objective of this updated review was to dete...
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Abstract The effectiveness of photobiomodulation (PBM) and manual therapy (MT), alone or combined (CT), were evaluated in pain intensity, mandibular movements, psychosocial aspects, and anxiety symptoms of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) patients. Fifty-one TMD patients were randomly assigned to three groups: the PBM group (n = 18), which received PBM with 808 nm, 100 mW, 13.3 J/cm2, and 4 J per point; the MT group (n=16) for 21 minutes each session on masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joint TMJ; and the CT group (n = 17), applied during twelve sessions. Seven evaluations were performed in different moments using ...
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Conclusions Recent descriptive studies using Cloninger's Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI-R) suggest that higher harm avoidance and lower self-directedness may be the most distinguishing personality features of chronic pain sufferers. High harm avoidance refers to a tendency to be fearful, pessimistic, sensitive to criticism, and requiring high levels of re-assurance. Low self-directedness often manifests as difficulty with defining and setting meaningful goals, low motivation, and problems with adaptive coping. Evidence for this personality profile is found across a wide variety of chronic pain conditions includin...
Source: Scandinavian Journal of Pain - Category: Anesthesiology Source Type: research
Abstract ObjectivesThe aim of this study was to create and validate severity levels for the central sensitization inventory (CSI), a valid and reliable patientā€reported outcome instrument designed to identify patients whose presenting symptoms may be related to a central sensitivity syndrome (CSS; eg, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome), with a proposed common etiology of central sensitization (CS). MethodsBased on CSI score means and standard deviations from previously published subject samples, the following CSI severity levels were established: subclinical = 0 to 29; mild = 30 to 39; mode...
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Publication date: 27 April 2015 Source:The Lancet, Volume 385, Supplement 2 Author(s): Tracy Jackson , Sarah Thomas , Victoria Stabile , Xue Han , Matthew Shotwell , Kelly McQueen Background The global burden of chronic pain and disability could be related to unmet surgical needs. This systematic review and meta-analysis aims to characterise existing data regarding the prevalence and associations of chronic pain in low-income and middle-income countries; this is essential to allow better assessment of its relationship to pre-operative and post-operative pain as emergency and essential surgical services are expanded. Met...
Source: The Lancet - Category: Journals (General) Source Type: research
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