Study: Social Media Not A Teen Depression Trigger

Social media use did not predict the development of depression symptoms among school kids or college students, researchers found.
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ConclusionsAcademic psychiatry has been criticized for its overreliance on secondary care settings in undergraduate clinical teaching. Our findings suggest that supervised clinical placements in primary care are feasible and provide added educational value as a routine component of the undergraduate psychiatry clinical clerkship.
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About 12% of adolescents who had suicidal thoughts or engaged in self-harm at age 16 went on to attempt suicide by age 21, but the risk factors for transition differed from established thinking on the subject, according to a large, longitudinalstudy of adolescents inLancet Psychiatry.“Existing research suggests that many well-established risk factors for suicide (such as depression, hopelessness, and impulsivity) do not predict suicide attempts among adolescents who have suicidal thoughts or engage in nonsuicidal self-harm,” wrote Becky Mars, Ph.D., a research fellow in epid emiology in the Department of Popula...
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Dr Peter Yellowlees talks about interventions to increase depression treatment initiation in primary care patients.Medscape Psychiatry
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Abstract This work proposes a quenched photoelectrochemical sensing method for highly selective and sensitive detection of protein via Energy Transfer (ET) effect between the AuNPs and CdS:Mn quantum dots. This detection was performed on a sandwich-type aptamer sensing interface. Chitosan modified CdS:Mn/TiO2/ITO electrode was used to immobilize capture DNA (S1) via -CONH- bond. In the presence of target protein, AuNPs labeled DNA (AuNPs-S2) was further bonded to the protein to fabricate sandwich sensing platform, which forced the AuNPs away from the electrode surface. In this state, the photocurrent was greatly d...
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Suffering is a shared human experience that can be viewed integral part of life. Our suffering can range from mild to severe and can take the form of physical or mental and emotional pain. Whatever the form of our discomfort, we can agree that “suffering of the mind” is one of the biggest concerns of our time. The severity of mental health issues is on the rise, particularly the number of individuals experiencing depression. According to the World Health Organization (2017) over 300 million people are estimated to suffer from depression, equivalent to 4.4% of the world’s population. The Causes...
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Dinah Miller, MD, discusses her shock and grief at losing a patient to suicide, and the larger issues it raised about contemporary psychiatry.Medscape Psychiatry
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There is hope for improving mood and quality of life for heart failure patients with depression, a new trial suggests. Two-pronged care by a nurse care manager plus a diverse team topped usual care.Medscape Medical News
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We present two patients who were treated for an intentional overdose of sodium nitrite. When ingested sodium nitrite leads to severe methaemoglobinaemia, resulting in severe hypoxia (as methaemoglobin does not transport oxygen), vasodilation and hypotensio...
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To the Editor Drs Sisti and Joffe1 described challenges in conducting research on suicide. We agree that such research should include individuals with suicidal behavior and that suicide attempts and death are appropriate outcomes for trials. We also agr...
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In Reply We are gratified to know that the FDA is developing guidance that supports inclusion of individuals with suicidal ideation or behavior associated with serious mental illnesses, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, in clinical trials. W...
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