Psoriasis-Associated Itch: Etiology, Assessment, Impact, and Management.

Psoriasis-Associated Itch: Etiology, Assessment, Impact, and Management. J Dermatolog Treat. 2019 Jan 21;:1-29 Authors: Pithadia DJ, Reynolds KA, Lee EB, Wu JJ Abstract Pruritus, a very broad, subjective, and complex symptom, troubles the majority of patients with psoriasis. However, the subjective and multidimensional nature of the symptom renders it challenging for patients to appropriately communicate their experiences with itch to providers. This review explores current perspectives regarding the underlying mechanisms, assessment tools, burden, and treatment modalities for psoriatic pruritus. It emphasizes the significance of a incorporating a standardized, thorough, and verified metric that incorporates severity, distribution, and character of pruritus as well as its effects on various aspects of quality of life. It also underscores the importance of continued research to fully understand the pathogenesis of psoriatic itch for establishment of novel, targeted therapeutics. PMID: 30663443 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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In this study, we investigated the relation between TRPV3 and warmth-evoked itch in AD. Here, we found a marked upregulation of TRPV3 in AD-lesional skin compared with healthy skin or lesional skin of psoriasis or allergic contact dermatitis.
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While psoriasis has been extensively studied as a prevalent dermatological disease, its impact on the central nervous system is relatively unknown. We have employed MRI techniques in order to study the effect of mentally-induced itch and to reveal if any differences exist between psoriasis patients and healthy subjects. Fourteen patients with chronic psoriasis and fifteen healthy controls were asked to watch two itch inducing videos consisting of people scratching themselves in the scanner. Considering functional connectivity, our results showed that an interconnected network of brain regions was more connected in patients...
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Little is known regarding the effectiveness of ixekizumab, a human monoclonal antibody that selectively inhibits IL-17A, in a real-world setting. Using the Corrona Psoriasis Registry, a prospective observational cohort of patients aged 18 or older, we examined response rates to ixekizumab for patient-reported outcomes (ie, Work Productivity and Activity Impairment [WPAI], DLQI, EQ-5D, pain, itch, and fatigue) among patients with a 6-month follow-up (FU) visit after enrollment in the registry. As of May 10, 2018, 136 incident users of ixekizumab at enrollment had a 6-month FU (defined as a visit occurring in the ± 3-...
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Pruritus, or itch, is an uncomfortable sensation that elicits a desire to scratch. Several dermatologic disorders such as atopic dermatitis (AD) and psoriasis cause chronic pruritus that may greatly reduce the quality of life of those affected. Since scratching damages the skin barrier of the affected area and exacerbates the symptoms, mitigation of pruritus is extremely important for the treatment of these diseases. However, this type of chronic pruritus is generally resistant to antihistamines, the most widely used antipruritic drugs.
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AbstractPsoriasis involving the genital skin occurs in up to two-thirds of psoriasis patients but is often overlooked by physicians. Furthermore, psoriasis objective and subjective severity indexes for common plaque psoriasis often neglect the impact this small area of psoriasis can have on a patient. It can have a significant impact on patients ’ psychosocial function due to intrusive physical symptoms such as genital itch and pain, and a detrimental impact on sexual health and impaired relationships. The mainstay of treatment is topical therapy. In patients with genital psoriasis refractory to traditional topical t...
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PMID: 31290556 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Discussion Atopic dermatitis (AD) has a prevalence of 3-5% in the overall U.S. population but is increasing with an estimated 10-15% lifetime risk in childhood. It is even more common in children of color with a prevalence in African-American/black children of 17% and Hispanic children of 14%. Health care utilization data also appears to support more severe disease in children of color also. Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a common dermatological skin problem which characteristically is a pruritic, papular eruption with erythema. Like most papulosquamous eruptions it often occurs in intertrigenous areas in people with alle...
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Abstract Treatment goals defined by the absolute Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) scores offer certain advantages in the clinical setting. In order to investigate the potential treatment targets, this study evaluated the absolute PASI outcomes relative to the other measures of response using data from two randomized clinical trials of patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis treated with ixekizumab, etanercept, or placebo (n=2,567). Response was assessed throughout 12 weeks as the proportion of patients achieving absolute PASI band cutoffs who also reached established response criteria. Most PASI band &l...
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Many autoimmune skin diseases, such as bullous pemphigoid (BP), psoriasis and certain types of chronic urticaria, are associated with intensive pruritus. While histamine and neuropeptides have previously been ascribed to play a role in itch that accompanies these diseases, recent evidence suggests that the pruritogenic cytokine interleukin (IL)-31 is a major driver of pruritic responses. IL-31 was originally shown to be produced by activated helper T cells, particularly Th2 cells, mast cells, macrophages and dendritic cells. However, more recent evidence demonstrated that eosinophils are a major source of this cytokine too...
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