Only empathy can break the cycle of violence in Israel-Palestine | Simon Baron-Cohen

I ’ve spent my career studying empathy. It’s a vital first step in conflicts where both sides have dehumanised each otherEmpathy is all about imagining other minds, appreciating that different people have different perspectives, and responding to their thoughts and feelings with an appropriate emotion. After a career studying autism and the nature of empathy, I see empathy as one of our most valuable natural resources. It has particular promise as an approach to conflict resolution, one that has advantages over viewing a problem through a chiefly military, economic or legal lens.We can see this if we look at the Israel-Palestine conflict, where both communities have different views of the same historic period, both claim the same piece of land and both have valid emotional reactions to the conflict that must be acknowledged. I am not an expert in that dispute nor so naive to believe that there is a single, simple solution to it. But I do believe empathy can help.Continue reading...
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Conclusions: Paediatric dentists should bear in mind that early diagnosis and treatment, effective communication skills, and a long-term follow-up of children with autism continue to be the best approaches for achieving enhanced patient psychological well-being and consequently a better quality of life.
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ConclusionMany preschool-aged children do not receive community-based services, with receipt of some service types associated with insurance type. Increasing access and availability for evidence-based service, especially for beneficiaries of public insurance, may improve service use and outcomes.
Source: Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders - Category: Psychiatry Source Type: research
AbstractPurpose of reviewChildren with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are minimally verbal may often require timely and tailored intervention to optimize their short- and long-term communication outcomes. Effective intervention relies on appropriate and accurate assessment. The purposes of this review are to summarize current and emerging issues and practices in the assessment of these children and to consider implications for research and clinical practice.Recent findingsThere is growing awareness of the need for improved assessment practices and emerging consensus regarding principles that should underpin the assessm...
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Abstract The underlying molecular basis for neurodevelopmental or neuropsychiatric disorders is not known. In contrast, mechanistic understanding of other brain disorders including neurodegeneration has advanced considerably. Yet, these do not approach the knowledge accrued for many cancers with precision therapeutics acting on well-characterized targets. Although the identification of genes responsible for neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders remains a major obstacle, the few causally associated genes are ripe for discovery by focusing efforts to dissect their mechanisms. Here, we make a case for del...
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Publication date: Available online 13 June 2019Source: Neuroscience &Biobehavioral ReviewsAuthor(s): Atiqah Azhari, Farouq Azizan, Gianluca Esposito
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This study assessed the reliability and validity of English translations of the San Mart ín (n = 236) and KidsLife (n = 93) scales with individuals with concurrent diagnoses of Autism and IDD. All participants were between the ages of 17 and 52 years old (M = 30.7,SD = 8.51) and required full-time residential care. Scales were completed by educational (n = 39) and residential (n = 92) staff who had known the participants for a minimum of six months. Temporal stability (r  = .73–.97) and inter-language consisten...
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ConclusionThe understanding of mechanisms behind various signaling pathways in the etiology of ASD may help to facilitate the identification of potential therapeutic targets and design of new treatment methods.
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By Emma Young If you have healthy vision, there will be a specific region of your brain (in the visual cortex) that responds most strongly whenever you look at faces, and similar regions that are especially responsive to the sight of words or natural scenes. What’s more, in any two people, these face, word and scene regions are located in pretty much the same spot in the brain. However, there is not a specific region for every possible category of visible stimulus – there are no “car” or “shoe” regions, for example (at least, not that have been identified to date). Is that because c...
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We examined the reliability and validity of the CPS in our study. First, we conducted exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to identify and examine the structure of the CPS. Second, the CPS's validity and test-retest stability were investigated. The CPS was correlated with other measurements of anhedonia and pleasure experience. Furthermore, the empirical validity of CPS was also examined in our study. The results indicated that the CPS is a reliable and valid measure for assessing an individual's hedonic capacity for smell and taste pleasure in nonclinical samples. Further application of...
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The objective of this study will be to systematically evaluate published and unpublished observational studies that present prevalence and comorbidity of ASD among children, adolescent and adult population in Spain.Methods/designWe designed and registered a study protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of descriptive epidemiology data. Observational studies (cohort, cross-sectional) reporting the prevalence of ASD and conducted in a wide range of people (e.g. general population, outpatient and/or school settings) will be included. The primary outcome will be the prevalence of ASD. Secondary outcomes will be the ...
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