Excessive social media use is comparable to drug addiction

(Michigan State University) Bad decision-making is a trait oftentimes associated with drug addicts and pathological gamblers, but what about people who excessively use social media? New research from Michigan State University shows a connection between social media use and impaired risky decision-making, which is commonly deficient in substance addiction.
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Suffering is a shared human experience that can be viewed integral part of life. Our suffering can range from mild to severe and can take the form of physical or mental and emotional pain. Whatever the form of our discomfort, we can agree that “suffering of the mind” is one of the biggest concerns of our time. The severity of mental health issues is on the rise, particularly the number of individuals experiencing depression. According to the World Health Organization (2017) over 300 million people are estimated to suffer from depression, equivalent to 4.4% of the world’s population. The Causes...
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The United States uses a third of the world's opioids but a fifth of Americans still say they suffer from chronic pain. The only demonstrable effect of two decades of widespread prescription of opioids has been catastrophic harm. With more than 47,000 Americans dying of opioid overdoses in 2017 and hundreds of thousandsmore addicted to them, it was recently reported that, for the first time, Americans were more likely to die of opioids than of car accidents.This has forced many to take a step back and ponder the very nature of pain, to understand how best to alleviate it.The ancient Greeks considered pain a passion &md...
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Background:Lead may be added to the opium by drug smugglers. It can cause elevated blood lead level (BLL) in opium ‑addicted patients. Erythrocyte pyrimidine 5′‑nucleotidase (P5N) activity is susceptible to high BLL. The aim of this study was to fnd out whether opium‑addicted patientsshow erythropathy and elevated liver enzymes explainable by high BLL and decreased P5N activity.Methods:Forty orally opium ‑addicted subjects and 40 normal healthy volunteers were enrolled in this study. BLL was measured in whole blood specimens using atomic absorption spectrometry instrumentation. Enzymatic activity, protein amo...
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Publication date: Available online 16 March 2019Source: Neuroscience LettersAuthor(s): Brady J. Phelps, Tyler M. Miller, Heath Arens, Tayler Hutchinson, Kaitlyn A. Lang, Linda M. Muckey, Nicholas Thompson, Steven Stanage, Shafiqur Rahman, Scott M. RawlsAbstractWhile the psychoactive stimulant nicotine has been the subject of extensive research, considerably less attention has focused on other compounds found in either tobacco smoke or that are nicotine metabolites. Recent papers have suggested that some of the compounds in question may either alter nicotine’s effects or have reinforcing properties themselves, althoug...
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Publication date: Available online 16 March 2019Source: PeptidesAuthor(s): Lori N. Eidson, Anne Z. MurphyAbstractEach year, over 50 million Americans suffer from persistent pain, including debilitating headaches, joint pain, and severe back pain. Although morphine is amongst the most effective analgesics available for the management of severe pain, prolonged morphine treatment results in decreased analgesic efficacy (i.e., tolerance). Despite significant headway in the field, the mechanisms underlying the development of morphine tolerance are not well understood. The midbrain ventrolateral periaqueductal gray (vlPAG) is a ...
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This study aimed to assess the prevalence of problem gambling and its determinants among internal migrant workers in Muse, Myanmar, situated along the border with China. A cross-sectional study was conducted in April to May 2018 in Muse among 273 internal migrants. The prevalence of problem gambling was 58.2%. In a multiple logistic regression analysis, male gender, non-Burmese ethnicities, those aged 25  years and older, daily manual laborers/unemployed, and alcohol consumption remained significantly associated. Results suggest a high prevalence of problem gambling, which was associated with substance use. These find...
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AbstractAlthough internet addiction (IA) has been the subject of research in many countries, it is poorly studied in Bangladesh, and previous studies in the country have not examined potential mental health risk factors in relation to the development of IA. The present pilot study attempted to assess the prevalence and associated risk factors of IA among a convenience sample of recently graduated university students actively looking for a job (N = 284) from July to October 2018 in Rajshahi (a city in Bangladesh). The measures included socio-demographic and behavioral variables, the Internet Addiction Test (IA...
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