Impact of parental acute psychological distress on young child pain-related behavior through differences in parenting behavior during pediatric burn wound care - Brown EA, De Young A, Kimble R, Kenardy J.

This study tested parenting behavior as a mediator for the relationship between parental acute psychological distress and child behavior during...
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Nearly 500,000 burn injuries occur annually in the US, and ∼40,000 individuals experience major thermal burn injury (MThBI) requiring hospitalization. Burn injury is capable of causing ongoing, severe pain, however the incidence of persistent opioid use to treat chronic post-burn injury pain has not been assessed. We estimated the incidence of new chronic opioid use among burn survivors using two methods. First, we performed a retrospective study using the Truven MarketScan® claims 1% database from 2001-2016 and calculated persistent opioid use (receipt of ≥1 prescription 90-180 days following MThBI) among indiv...
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Tapentadol (TAP) mediates analgesic activity through dual mechanisms: µ opioid receptor (MOR) agonistic activity and noradrenaline reuptake inhibition. Reports show that TAP produces antinociceptive activity in various rodent models of pain. Emerging clinical trials have also reported TAP as an effective analgesic in multiple disease associated pain states. Burn inju ry induces debilitating pain for which morphine is extensively used as an analgesic. Because of the side effects profile of morphine, there is a continuous search for alternative analgesics to treat burn pain.
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Acute pain is prevalent following burn injury and can transition to chronic pain in over 50% of patients. Prolonged acute pain is an important component that leads to chronic pain. Our research investigates burn injury-related pain and searches for risk factors that influence acute-to-chronic pain transitions. The present work tests whether dietary intervention, genetic background or pre-injury stress affects thermal and mechanical hypersensitivity associated with 2 ° burn of the mouse hindpaw. Under Avertin anesthesia, (200 µL/10g body weight), the paw of the mouse was placed on a metal block with a surface temp...
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Prior research has revealed a high rate (over 80%) of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the outpatient pediatric chronic pain population. Furthermore, the sub-population of youth with chronic pain reporting a history of ACEs shows increased psychosocial impairment (e.g., anxiety, depression). However, the treatment outcomes of youth with chronic pain and a history of ACEs have not been well examined. The current study investigates the effect of ACEs on psychosocial and pain-related treatment outcomes of youth (N=305) engaged in a multidisciplinary pediatric pain rehabilitation program.
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A 36- year old male with a past history significant for bipolar disorder, depression, and PTSD presented to UW Pain Clinic for management of ongoing pain related to an electrical burn injury (4.5%) to the left hand and flank sustained in August 2016. He underwent a skin graft for the burn six months later and has experienced difficulties with his pain since. During the consult, the patient described his pain as a burning, tingling sensation over the left flank and hand. He also experiences sharp muscle cramps in that area which are made significantly worse in cold temperatures.
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When patients present to the emergency department (ED) for pain, conventional treatment is often limited to prescription medications.   Hospitals are now seeking non-pharmacological management options for acute pain due to the opioid crisis. Our quality improvement study aimed to determine the feasibility of implanting an employed acupuncturist within an urban ED to provide acupuncture as a nonpharmacological acute pain managemen t option and to determine the impact of acupuncture on acute pain reduction.
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Acupuncture has been used for centuries by practitioners around the world for treatment of a variety of conditions. Even so, limited studies have evaluated the patient population that utilizes acupuncture. We aimed to explore the associations between patient characteristics and utilization of acupuncture services, as well as treatment outcomes. We conducted an exploratory retrospective study of adult patients in a large, eastern Wisconsin medical system that either (1) received acupuncture referral and treatment, (2) received acupuncture referral only, or (3) received treatment only, during 1/2005 - 6/2016.
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CONCLUSIONPancreatitis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain post-colonoscopy after the more common explanations are excluded.
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Conclusion: Based on the results of this study, silver agcoat dressing was as effective as acticoat dressing in preventing burn wound infection. PMID: 30873265 [PubMed]
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The evolution of VR hardware and software What’s the best VR will do VR, AR, MR or spatial computing? The potential of interactive immersive reality Challenges and obstacles in adoption How will immersive reality transform everyday life? What was the last time you met sci-fi? The dark side of technology Imagine that a doctor sits down in Starbucks, places some glasses on his head, instantly invokes five screens and starts doing his diagnostic work. Robert Scoble, virtual reality expert, and tech evangelist believes that will be possible in the coming years – sooner than we might think. He told us why his wi...
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