Why are pregnancy rates with donor egg IVF so low in India?

Older women with poor ovarian reserve are often told to use donor eggs, because getting eggs from a young, healthy, fertile egg donor will increase their chances of getting pregnant.This makes sense - provided they get a sufficient number of good quality eggs from the egg donor.But the trouble is that most Indian IVF clinics don't have good donor egg programs. They super ovulate fresh egg donors, and then end up splitting these precious eggs amongst lots of recipients, whom they put on a waiting list.This often means that they cannot synchronize the egg collection of the donor with the endometrial receptive of the recipient, which is why a lot of these cycles fail.Then these patients are pushed into doing surrogacy, because they're told, "If you can't get pregnant with your own eggs, and with donor eggs, then your only choice is surrogacy."This is really tragic, because these patients are getting a raw deal !What they need to do is to go a good IVF clinic, which uses frozen eggs , and can guarantee them that they will receive at least 10 top quality frozen eggs for their treatment.The pregnancy rate with frozen eggs is better than with fresh eggs, because we don't have to worry about synchronising cycles - we thaw the frozen donor eggs only when the recipient's endometrium is ready.Also, when we thaw these eggs, the survival rate is 100%, which means these frozen eggs turn into top quality fresh blastocysts, with a high implantation rate !You can read more abou...
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