Sound advice: why rockstars are my guiding light

Therapy helps in a crisis. But when it comes to lessons in life, music has most of the answersWhen my marriage dissolved a decade ago, I went to a cognitive therapist to see if I could make sense of it. I sat in a small room with a kindly old lady who was not my mother, but who may as well have been, as we discussed love and sex as best we could. Although delivering my opinion about what had happened out loud without shouting was an enjoyable relief, I can ’t say I truly learned much. We decided I wasn’t such a bad person. We decided my ex-wife wasn’t a bad person either. Then I paid my £60 and arranged to return the following week.Eventually, I stopped making those arrangements to return. What was I learning there, in those meetings, that I hadn ’t heard a thousand times already listening to Pain in My Heart by Otis Redding, Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division, or You Can Leave, But it’s Going to Cost You by Marvin Gaye? I hadn’t spent my entire teens in my bedroom with the door closed playing records, to not have those hard-won i nsights to fall back upon in times of romantic trouble. Therapy helps lift the weight from your chest, which is useful in times of crisis. But music can illuminate the way forward.Continue reading...
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The objective of this paper is to propose a definition for remission for use as an outcome to evaluate the long-term efficacy of therapies for chronic pain. METHODS: Data from a randomized clinical trial (NCT01609972) testing the efficacy of spinal cord stimulation in low back and leg pain subjects was used to evaluate the association between pain and functional outcomes and identify the cut-off value to predict remission. Available data over 24-month assessment period included visual analog score (VAS), disability (Oswestry Disability Index [ODI]), patient and clinician global impression of change (PGIC and CGIC), and...
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ConclusionsThis study indicated good work ability, but a high prevalence of WMSDs among nurses in Lagos state. The job risk factor most reported by nurses was working in awkward and cramped positions. Furthermore, the work ability of nurses in Lagos state had no influence on the prevalence of WMSDs.
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CONCLUSION: UG-ST AF ablation is feasible and safe, and was found to significantly reduce post-procedural hemostasis-related discomfort, compared to the conventional DT approach, in patients with paroxysmal AF. PMID: 30900422 [PubMed - in process]
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Abstract All preclinical procedures for analgesic drug discovery involve two components: 1) a "pain stimulus" (the principal independent variable), which is delivered to an experimental subject with the intention of producing a pain state; and 2) a "pain behavior" (the principal dependent variable), which is measured as evidence of that pain state. Candidate analgesics are then evaluated for their effectiveness to reduce the pain behavior, and results are used to prioritize drugs for advancement to clinical testing. This review describes a taxonomy of preclinical procedures organized into an &q...
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Publication date: Available online 23 March 2019Source: NeuroscienceAuthor(s): H.M. Rodgers, J. Yow, E. Evans, S. Clemens, K.L. BrewerAbstractA secondary consequence of spinal cord injury (SCI) is debilitating chronic neuropathic pain, which is commonly morphine resistant and inadequately managed by current treatment options. Consequently, new pain management therapies are desperately needed. We previously reported that dopamine D3 receptor (D3R) dysfunction was associated with opioid resistance and increases in D1 receptor (D1R) protein expression in the spinal cord. Here, we demonstrate that in a model of SCI neuropathic...
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This study's purpose was to (1) describe clinical changes in psychosocial factors of LBP following a self-management intervention and (2) explore the LBP experience of military trainees. Ten participants in Initial Entry Training (IET) were included in this mixed methods study. A self-management intervention of exercises and psychosocial education was provided. Quantitative instruments assessing psychosocial factors were delivered at baseline and 6 weeks. Qualitative data were gathered after treatment and analyzed using a phenomenological approach. Low levels of psychosocial risk factors were reported. Patient satisfaction...
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Authors: Cohen S, Gilmore C, Kapural L, Hanling S, Plunkett A, McGee M, Boggs J Abstract Chronic low back pain represents one of the most common sources of disability and a significant healthcare burden for the U.S. military. Present treatments for chronic back pain are often ineffective, poorly tolerated, invasive, destructive, and/or associated with complications and lead to the progression to invasive surgical procedures. There have been multiple calls for the development of a minimally invasive system that is effective without the risks or complications of existing surgical therapies, which could prevent the ne...
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BEST supplements for back pain: Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain and usually isn ’t the sign of anything serious. While anti-inflammatory painkillers is one recommended way to relieve pain, some experts believe a more natural plant supplement can be effective.
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A fictional tale about the healing power of technology The mutation of the CDH1 gene determines the fate of generations of men in a Czech small town. The great-grandfather dies unexpectedly upon returning home from the trenches of the first World War – he survives the bullets of the Italian front but gives in after a pint of beer and schnitzel. The grandfather was already diagnosed with an illness, gastric cancer, which required the removal of his entire stomach – but his life couldn’t be saved either. His son was luckier, he was diagnosed in time with an early stage hereditary diffuse gastric cancer a...
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Conditions:   Chronic Low Back Pain;   Manual Therapy;   Neuroscience Pain Education Interventions:   Other: neuroscience pain education;   Other: manual therapy;   Other: home exercises Sponsor:   Kutahya Medical Sciences University Completed
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