Animal models used to assess influenza antivirals

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CONCLUSIONS: There is a need to improve respiratory infectious disease procedures in our study hospitals, especially in outpatient and emergency departments. PMID: 32459978 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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John Barry, an expert on the 1918 influenza pandemic, spoke with Major Garrett for this week's episode of "The Takeout" podcast.
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InspectIR Systems has launched a clinical trial focused on using a mobile device for the detection of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Frisco, TX-based company began the trial on Wednesday and said it will test the InspectIR portable breathalyzer. "As most of us have experienced, the world has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We challenged our development teams with a simple question: 'Can we help?' We quickly realized our devices could identify COVID-19 in the breath and help with the unique circumstances facing the U.S. and the world right now," InspectIR CEO Tim Wing, said in a release. "It p...
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AbstractInfluenza (flu) infection increases the risk for disability, falls, and broken bones in older adults. We have employed a preclinical model to examine the impact of flu on muscle function, which has a direct impact on fall risk. In mice, flu causes mobility and strength impairments with induction of inflammatory and muscle degradation genes that are increased and prolonged with aging. To determine if vaccination could reduce flu-induced muscle decrements, mice were vaccinated with flu nucleoprotein, infected, and muscle parameters were measured. Vaccination of aged mice resulted in significant protection from functi...
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Programmed cell death plays crucial roles in organismal development and host defense. Recent studies have highlighted mechanistic overlaps and extensive, multifaceted crosstalk between pyroptosis, apoptosis, and necroptosis, three programmed cell death pathways traditionally considered autonomous. The growing body of evidence, in conjunction with the identification of molecules controlling the concomitant activation of all three pathways by pathological triggers, has led to the development of the concept of PANoptosis. During PANoptosis, inflammatory cell death occurs through the collective activation of pyroptosis, apopto...
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In this study, we report an acute respiratory disease outbreak associated with influenza B/Yamagata infections in Guangzhou, Southern China (January through March, 2018). Among the 9914 patients, 2241 (22.6%) were positive for the influenza B virus, with only 312 (3.1%) positive for the influenza A virus. The influenza B/Yamagata lineage dominated during this period in Southern China. The highest incidence of influenza A virus infection occurred in the children aged 5–14 years. In contrast, populations across all age groups were susceptible to the influenza B virus. Phylogenetic, mutations, and 3D structure analyses ...
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Seo Ducks show notably higher resistance to highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses as compared to chickens. Here, we studied the age-dependent susceptibility in ducks to the infections caused by highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses. We intranasally infected ducks aged 1, 2, 4, and 8 weeks with highly pathogenic H5N6 avian influenza viruses isolated in South Korea in 2016. All the 1-and 2-week-old ducks died after infection, 20% of 3-week-old ducks died, and from the ducks aged 4 and 8 weeks, all of them survived. We performed microarray analysis and quantitative real-time PCR using total RNA isolated from the l...
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arisa Rudenko The number of lung-adapted influenza viruses is limited. Most of them are not antigenically related to current circulating viruses. Viruses similar to recent strains are required for screening modern antiviral compounds and studying new vaccine candidates against novel influenza viruses. The process by which an influenza virus adapts to a new host is rather difficult. The aim of this study was to select a non-adapted current virus whose major biological properties correspond to those of classical lab-adapted viruses. Mice were inoculated intranasally with non-lung-adapted influenza viruses of subtype H1N1...
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ovia J, Alfonso F PMID: 32459205 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Just a couple of short months ago, workplace safety was a familiar concept. The potential hazards — exposure to chemicals, proximity to machinery, ladders, and so forth — and the preventive measures implemented by employers were straightforward and well-understood. What does that look like in the COVID-19 era? Social distancing . . . temperature checks . . . obsessive hand washing . . . face masks and shields . . . double and triple shifts to comply with strict capacity requirements. And that bulletin board where the company proudly touted the number of days without a workplace injury? N...
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