The causes of the delay in diagnosis bronchopulmonary cancer

This study aimed to determine the different delays in the management of lung cancers through a retrospective descriptive and analytical study on 131 hospitalized cases in service between April 2014 and January 2017. Management delays were estimated from the date of the first symptom described by the patient (D1s), the first contact with health care provider (1Cs), then hospitalization (DH) and finally to the histological confirmation of the diagnosis (C Hist) before the start of treatment (D ttt).Among the patients included in our work, 90.8% were men, 87.8% were chronic smokers. The mean age was 61 years; chest pain was the most frequent symptom (75.6% of cases). The most common histological type was non-small cell lung carcinoma of which 55.9% were adenocarcinoma. The stage IV has found in 59% of patients at the time of diagnosis.The median time of consultation (D1s to 1Cs) was 48 days, the median diagnosis time (DH to C Hist) was 20 days and the median therapeutic time (C Hist to Dttt) was 11 days. The median global wait time (D1s to Dttt) was 127 days. The factors associated with a diagnostic delay were women, non-smokers and patients with extra-respiratory signs. Our work is in invitation to produce others studies to compare the delays in several regions of morocco as a function of various parameters. This will allow obtaining a broad base of national data and establishing national recommendations adapted to our context.
Source: European Respiratory Journal - Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Tags: Lung Cancer Source Type: research

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Source: Clinical and molecular hepatology - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Clin Mol Hepatol Source Type: research
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